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These are a few of the books believed to have been used in school, and a few more known to have been written by teachers, Headmasters or ex-pupils at the school.  The details on the spine of some of the books is a bit unclear but if you hold your cursor briefly over the spine, the title of the book will appear in a text box.
 Click on the spine of a book to look inside 
When you’ve finished with a book, return to this library page.
You can then choose another one from the library shelf.

  Miscellaneous items Textbook: Textbook of Botany Textbook: Animal Biology Textbook: Biology for Medical Students Bible Full Student’s Hymnal Small Student’s Hymnal Textbook: Precis and Composition Practice Textbook: A School Physics Textbook: Advanced Level Physics Textbook: French Literary Appreciation  

  Stamp: Britain’s Structure and Scenery Holmes: Principles of Physical Geology Griffiths: Methods of Measuring Temperature Textbook: A First French Book Textbook: A Second French Book Textbook: Approach to Latin: First Part Textbook: Approach to Latin: Second Part Thomas: Cambrensia Ambrose: The History of Wales Bowen: Teach Yourself Welsh Novel: The White Company Novel: Poo Lorn of the Elephants Winter’s Tale Play: King Lear Poetry: A Book of Narrative Verse Poetry: The Golden Treasury  

  Advanced Statistics Advanced Statistics Palgrave Golden Treasury Poetry: Selections from Wordsworth E S Jenkins Teach Yourself French Grammar Jenkins: Teach Yourself German Wilson: The Infinite in The Finite Johns: Letters from Lines & Spaces Dodgson: A Foundation Course in Chemistry Henton: Who’s Who in the Bible Alun C. Davies: Watchmaking Dielectric Properties Terry Johns - Ledger Lines Outline of the Development of Science Life in Rhyme and Verse by Terry Harding


If you have any knowledge of the titles of other textbooks used for any of our courses, or written by ABGS
past students or ABGS teachers please let us know. We will try to get a second-hand copy and add it to the library.