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Ambrose, G.P. (1947)
The History of Wales

E.J. Arnold & Son Ltd

Gwilym Ambrose was headmaster at the school from 1940 until 1951. However, from 1946 to 1950 he was seconded by the Ministry of Education to be the Principal of Coleg Llandrindod, where an emergency teachers’ training college was established for ex-service men who wished to become teachers.

It is tempting to suppose that the book was written during his stay there, but it is quite possible the book was started while he was at Aberdare. The style of writing and depth of coverage indicate that the book is aimed at academic lower secondary school pupils. The book has 23 chapters and 128 pages. There are a large number of photographs.

Within a few years of returning to Aberdare, Mr. Ambrose was appointed Principal at Caerleon Training College.

It is most likely that this book found a place on the shelves of the County School library.

from Colin Rees

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