Chemistry Textbook

Dodgson, J. Wallis & Murray, J. Alan
A Foundation Course in Chemistry

University of London Press, Ltd., (1926).

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J. Wallis Dodgson was appointed to the school when it opened in 1896. He was the first teacher of scientific subjects that the school appointed. He took up residence in Llewellyn Street in Trecynon, and whilst at Aberdare took a full part in the cultural life of the town. He stayed at the school until 1903, when he left to take up a lectureship in Chemistry at University College, Reading, a post which he held until his first retirement in 1934. During the Second World War he returned to his old post at Reading and stayed until 1945, when he retired for the second time at the age of 76.

This book, and others that he wrote, were published many years after Dodgson had left Aberdare.

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