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Holmes, Arthur
Principles of Physical Geology

First Edition, 1944, 1957 reprint
Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd

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First page of the Preface

The owners of this book included the following:
Michael Thomas (53-60) 6A(Sc),
Peter Rosser (54-61) 6A(Arts),
Tony Davies (55-62) 6α,
D.E. Roberts (56-63) 6A(Sc),
John Tomkins (57-64) 6A(Sc),
Peter Hodges (59-66) 6A(Sc),
Barrie D. Griffiths (60-67),
J.S. Harvey (61-69) 6α(Sc).

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At least two of these boys, Tony Davies (Abernant Rd) and David E. Roberts (Aberaman), went on to become professional geologists.