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Davies, Sir Walford (Editor) (1923)
A Students’ Hymnal

Harmonized Edition
Reprint 1959
Oxford University Press

Assembly took place every morning at 8:50 a.m. After getting us all in, and in lines, I seem to remember a bible reading, followed by a prayer, then a hymn. Was it Welsh on Tuesdays and Thursdays and English on the other days? The hymns were generally sung cooperatively, but there were rare occasions when the school was rebellious and deliberate alternative harmonies were attempted by brave souls. This would result in a re-run of the hymn until the mutiny was quelled. ‘Sargy’, (Robert M. Jones),who was about two or three years ahead of us, accompanied the hymn signing at the piano in assemblies for several years. At the end of the religious part there were announcements. Mr Warren, PEP or Mr Gwilym Williams usually took the assemblies. In later years some of the school had assemblies in Bethel vestry, Tudor Terrace, until we moved into the new hall/canteen that was built on the lawn of School House (occupied by Mr David Jones, caretaker) in 1960.

This version of the hymnal contains four-part harmony for all the hymns, as well as for anthems, carols and psalms. It is a hardback edition and has 775 pages; it cost 17/6d new in about 1961.

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