Mansel Davies Book Development of Science

Davies, Mansel.
An Outline of the
Development of Science

Watts & Co., London, (1947)
Hardcover ‏:‎ 214 pages plus plates
The Thinker’s Library, No. 120

The ‘Thinker’s Library’ consisted of 140 volumes written between 1929 and 1951. Mansel Davies wrote An Outline of the Development of Science in which he covered progress in science from the ancient times to the work in quantum physics and psychology in the 1940s. In contributing to the series he joined others such as T.H. Huxley and Bertrand Russell who had also written works for the ‘Thinker’s Library’.

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Mansel Davies, 1913–1995, attended Aberdare Boys’ County School 1924–30. He retired from his post of Professor of Chemistry at UCW Aberystwyth in 1978.

There is a description of the career of Mansel Davies in the Former Pupils section of this website.