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Erricker, B.C.
Advanced General Statistics

First printed, 1971
The English Universities Press Ltd, London E.C.4

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ISBN 0 340 07870
First printed 1971
Printed in Great Britain by
Alden & Mowbray Ltd at the Alden Press, Oxford

The author, Brinley Cenydd Erricker, was a pupil at the school from 1917 to 1923. He was captain of Rugby 1922–23, and captain of Cricket 1923. He passed his ‘Highers’ in 1923 with two distinctions and entered UCW Aberystwyth with a scholarship.

B.C. Erricker grew up in Foundry Town and was a contemporary of R.W. Francis, who became a physics master at ABGS, 1947–59.

The title page of the book, which has 350 pages.

The Contents

A level statistics was not commonly taught in sixth forms. Those larger schools and colleges with a wide offering of subjects were often teaching the subject as an option within mathematics.