Front Cover

Grove, A. J. and Newell, G. E. (1961)
Animal Biology

Sixth edition, reprint 1962
University Tutorial Press

This was the textbook used for A-level Zoology during the years 1962 to 1964 although this may not have been the edition used. The content and illustrations seem right, but I’m not familiar with the organisation of the material in this book so I think we may have used the fifth edition published in 1957 prior to the rearrangement of material that was undertaken for the sixth edition.

Dai cube used this book as he did Lowson’s Botany, with extensive extra dictation and diagrams. It has some very good hand-drawn illustrations, eg a turbellarian. (I remember having to stain one of these creatures and mount it on a microscope slide under a coverslip to see if we could observe the parts illustrated in the book. Unfortunately my specimen got squashed to a pulp due to carelessness so I think I used Keith Eynon’s or Philip Moore’s instead.

We were also expected to learn the structure and names of all the parts of all the appendages of the crayfish, and the structure of all the vertebrae of the rabbit!

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In addition click here to see some pages from Alwyn Griffiths’ Biology lab workbook dating from the early 1960s which includes his hand-drawn pictures of some of the features mentioned above.