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School Reunion, November 2007

from Kevin Mann

Thanks to hard work by ex-pupils of the Girls Grammar a reunion was organised for the group of past students who attended the schools in the period 1969 to around 1977. Kevin Mann of ABGS rounded up a group of boys from the same vintage at the boys' school, and together they met in Aberdare Golf Club to enjoy an evening of reminiscences with the opportunity to renew old acquaintances.


Michael Griffiths, Alan Thomas, Philip Green and Huw Meyrick


Keith Abbott and Martin Szakal


Kevin Jenkins, Mike Griffiths and Phillip Picton


Mark Davies and Mark Jones


Phillip Picton, Huw Williams, Michael Griffiths , Kevin Mann, Huw Meyrick, Mark Jones, Keith Abbott, David Bowler


Back Row: Mark Davies, Phillip Picton, David Bowler, ?, Kevin Mann, Kevin Jenkins, Philip Green, Mike Griffiths, Michael Griffiths
Front Row: Mark Jones, Derek Jones, Martin Szakal, Huw Meyrick, Huw Williams