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Centenary Dinner 1996

from Colin Evans (1952–1957), Alwyn Griffiths (1954–1961)
Keith Nicholas (1956–1961)

In September 1996, the Past Students Association in conjunction with the school organised a Centenary Dinner to celebrate the opening of the Intermediate School one hundred years previously on September 29th, 1896. A large number of past students attended the function, which was held at The Michael Sobell Sports Centre in Aberdare.

The event benefited from a warm sunny September evening, and for the formal part of the function hundreds of past students sat down to a dinner and were entertained by the Cwmbach Male Voice Choir. Following the meal, toasts and speeches, there was a great deal of networking among groups of past students, during which time many old friendships were renewed and new ones formed. As you would expect, the old boys also took the opportunity to partake in some traditional communal singing themselves.

Displayed below are some mementoes of this occasion; they are from Colin Evans, Alwyn Griffiths and Keith Nicholas. There was also a centenary tankard available, but we have not seen one yet. If you have a photo of the tankard or other group photos, please consider sending them in to us.

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(from Colin Evans)
Centenary Programme
Front of Programme
Centenary Programme p2
page 2
Centenary Programme p3
page 3
Centenary Programme p4
page 4 (blank)

Centenary Plate and Ties

(from Alwyn Griffiths)
Centenary Plate Centenary Tie PSA Tie

Some Photographs, mainly of the 1956–1963 cohort

from Keith Nicholas
1996 Reunion
Jonathan Baker and Arwyn Williams
1996 Reunion
Lyndon Evans and David Martin Burridge

In the background between Lyn & Martin, Roger Griffiths, (eating), and Wayne Davies (bearded), both 1961–68.
1996 Reunion
Keith Nicholas, Melvin Holmes and Vivian Rees
1996 Reunion
Jeff Thomas, David Martin Burridge, Keith Nicholas, Vivian Rees, John Keri Phillips, Arwyn Williams and Alan G. Howells
1996 Reunion
Keith Nicholas, Arwyn Williams, Mr Caryl J. Edwards (Economics Master, 1958–1970), Vivian Rees
1996 Reunion
John Keri Phillips and Alan G. Howells
1996 Reunion
Alwyn Jones, Graham Bevan, John Rivers and Melvyn Holmes
1996 Reunion
Lyndon Evans, Alan G. Howells, Jonathan Baker and Keith Nicholas

Immediate background, arms folded, Anthony Sweet (1954–59)
Distant centre background, facing camera Ralph James (1954–60), talking to
Roger Griffiths (1961–68, left) and Alwyn Griffiths (1954–61, right)
1996 Reunion
Back Row: Arwyn Williams, Martin Beynon, David Martin Burridge, Lyndon Evans
Front Row: Vivian Rees, John Keri Phillips, John Rivers, Keith Nicholas, Melvyn Holmes and Jonathan Baker
1996 Reunion
Back Row: Alwyn Jones, Arwyn Williams, Graham Bevan, Keith Nicholas
Front Row: David Martin Burridge, Martin Beynon, John Rivers, Melvyn Holmes, Jonathan Baker, Lyndon Evans,
                Alan G. Howells and John Keri Phillips