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A Visit to the
British Empire Exhibition at Wembley
July 25 – 26, 1924

This document was sent to us by Dave Lewis who obtained a copy of it from John Bowen.
It details the itinerary and general directions of the three masters accompanying the boys on the trip.
The masters listed were Mr. Jones, Mr. Bowen, and Mr. Grear.

The three thumbnail pictures in the first row below link to full size copies of the pages of the original document.
However, because the original document was typed on a fairly poor typewriter Dave has provided a transcribed version, and the three thumbnail pictures in the second row link to the pages of this transcription.

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Wembley Visit page 1

Page 1 image

Wembley Visit page 1c

Page 1 (continued) image

Wembley Visit page 2

Page 2 image

Wembley Visit page 1t

Page 1 transcript

Wembley Visit page 1ct

Page 2 transcript

Wembley Visit page 2t

Page 3 transcript