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Some Members of Form 6A, 1962–63

from Rob Humphreys

6A 1962-63

The location is behind the school on the slope leading down to the rear vehicle entrance.
Behind the group is the terrace Evans Place & the rear of Bethel Chapel, (Welsh Independent).


The names of the boys are listed below with a repeat of the photo with numbers added.

  1 David Roberts

  2 Gareth Prince

  3 Barrie Payne

  4 Gabe Treharne

  5 David Martin Burridge

  6 Peter Jones

  7 Clive Richards

  8 Alan Howells

  9 Alun Williams

10 Geoff Davies

11 Gwyn Hughes Jones

12 Vivian Rees

13 Roger Key

14 Ron Falder

15 Roy Leach

16 Gareth Rees

17 Alvin Keri Jones

18 Gareth Jones

19 Roger Davies

20 David Baldock

21 John R.S. Griffiths

22 Lyn Evans

23 James Magness

24 Doug Rees

25 Alan Sweet



Members of this year group missing from the photo include Terry Hughes, Derek Davies,
John Beresford Williams, Les Bladen and Vic Reynolds. Vic might have been the photographer.

U6 1962-63 Names