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Field Trips 1948
An item from the papers of the late Tom Evans. Head of Geography, 1948–1979

This account seems to be a report on field trips undertaken by pupils in 1948.
Tom joined the school in September 1948, so presumably his predecessor, D.T.H. Price, was the organiser.


A transcript of the above sheet


The first geographical excursion by parties from above school was held on 5 May 1948, when a party of 35 composed of Forms VI (A, and Alpha) geography pupils, and Form VI A chemistry pupils accompanied by the senior geography and chemistry masters visited a zinc refining plant at Llansamlet, and toured a portion of western Gower.

The aims of the excursion from the geographical standpoint were as follows :—

  1. The visit to the Swansea Vale Spelter Works, Llansamlet gave an opportunity of observing the processes connected with the refining of zinc from blende concentrates, and the manufacture of the by-product sulphuric acid, two processes vital to the modern metallurgical and other industries of the country as a whole, and particularly relevant to an appreciation of the industries of the Swansea area in the past and present.
  2. The route followed via Neath, Skewen, Llansamlet, St. Thomas and docks area of Swansea gave a good opportunity of observing the general industries of this very important area, and of observing general relationships between urban and industrial settlements, and their environment.
  3. A brief tour of western Gower including a visit to Caswell Bay, gave opportunity for a study of the land forms associated with marine erosion, and platforms of marine denudation.

The second geographical excursion was held on 10 May 1948, when a party of 34 composed of Forms V geography and geology pupils accompanied by the senior geography master followed an approximately similar route to that of the first excursion, with the exception of the visit to the zinc refining plant. The aims of this excursion were different to the extent that the pupils were younger and less experienced and a greater emphasis was laid on the geological aspects of the areas traversed. The main features observed were as follows :—

  1. Land forms connected with normal and glacial erosion in the Neath Valley, with particular reference the Aberdulais
The abrupt ending of the description of the second trip suggests that
there should be a second sheet, but it could not be found.