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“School Results among nations top 250”
(from The Aberdare Leader, 25th September 1991)

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Successful Advanced Level Students
Back Row : Richard Spear, Gareth Jones, Gareth Rees, Gerwyn Jenkins, Richard Burns, Paul Gosling, Mark Boulton (?)
Front Row : Christian Key, Gareth Haven, Richard Nelson, Dean Howells, Matthew Evans

In the autumn of 1991 The Sunday Times newspaper surveyed the A level results of 4,200 state schools in England and Wales. This resulted in an article about the top 250 schools in the list and in which Aberdare Boys’ Comprehensive School held an enviable position. The table was based on the numbers of pupils in each school gaining A and B grades, which at that time were the top two grades attainable.

ABCS was ranked 34th out of 250 with 42 per cent of their A level passes at grades A and B, putting them not far behind some prestigious schools in the equivalent independent school list. The national average percentage for schools gaining A and B grades was 27.3 percent, placing ABCS well above the norm.

Pictured in the upper photograph are some of the Advanced Level candidates, including Richard Nelson with 5 A grades who was to study maths at Exeter; Matthew Evans, ABB, heading for Nottingham; Paul Gosling, AAB, Swansea; Mark Boulton, BB, Swansea; Richard Burns, ABB, Swansea;

Dean Howells, AAAB, intending to go to Aberystwyth; Gareth Jones ABB, Manchester; Christian Key, AAB, Exeter; Gareth Rees, AB, Loughborough; Richard Spear, AAAB, Bath; Gareth Haven, ABC, Liverpool; Gerwyn Jenkins, BDE, Aberystwyth.

At GCSE, there were also some outstanding results, A being the top grade in those days. Philip Cook, 9 As; Guy Melhuish, 8 As; Lawrence Atkins, 9 As; Peter Thomas, 9 As; Graig Edwards, 6 As; Nicholas Jones, 8 As; Rhidian Shelton, 7 As; Richard Noble, 4 As; Anthony Meredith, 4 As; David Leighton Jones 4 As. Some of these boys can be seen in the photograph below.

The Leader also interviewed the headmaster, Dr Geoff Abbott, who praised the calibre, application and quality of the work of his students. He also commented that the school was very well blessed in having a large team of highly motivated experienced subject specialists who year after year, provided tuition of the highest order.


Ann Clwyd with large group

Successful GCSE Level Students
Left to right : Philip Cook, Lawrence Atkins, Graig Edwards, Guy Melhuish, Anthony Meredith, Richard Noble,
Rhidian Shelton, Nicholas Jones, David Leighton Jones