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Queen’s Scout Awards 1967

from School Archives
thanks to John Davey and Trevor Burrows for helping with this item

Queens Scout Award, 1967
Gerwyn Davies and Trevor Burrows (ABGS 1965–67) were in 8th Aberdare Scout Troop (Toc-H);
whilst Denis Birdsall (ABGS 1960–67), Howard Davies* (ABGS 1960–68) and Barrie Griffiths (ABGS 1960–67) were in the ABGS 9th Aberdare troop.
We don’t know what happened to these boys, except for Denis Birdsall who became a headmaster and after that a school inspector in the Midlands. He died suddenly in December 2013, aged 65.
Other former pupils mentioned in the caption are G. Spencer Bird (1912–15) and John Davey (1951–58)
*Howard Davies was the son of the biology master Mr D.D. Davies.
A transcript of the caption

Queen’s Scout badges were awarded at the annual meeting of the Aberdare and Mountain Ash Scouts Association last week.

The Valley Commissioner, Mr. Phil Griffiths, who was partnered by the Association’s President, Mr. G. Spencer Bird, presented Queen’s Scout badges to Denis Birdsall (Gadlys), Howard Davies (Aberaman), Barrie Griffiths (Aberdare), Trevor Burrows (Penywaun), and Gerwyn Davies (Cwmbach).

In addition, Howard Davies was presented with a Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Certificate by Mr. Spencer Bird.

Gerwyn Davies is an apprentice at the A.B. Metal Products factory and the other four recipients are Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School pupils, each of them sitting the General Certificate of Education ‘A’ Level examination this year, and hope to go to training college or university in the autumn.

Responsible for training the five lads to Queen Scout standard — something not easily achieved — was Assistant District Commissioner John Davey, who said that these were the first members of the Aberdare District Senior Scout Troop to receive the Queen Scout award.

With the new-form Venture Scouting commencing in October the Association hoped to see more Aberdare boys becoming Queen’s Scouts – an award signifying a quality of character which really stood for something when young men were seeking entry into college or looking for worthwhile jobs.