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The Miners’ Welfare National Scholarships
Students’ Exhibition Schemes

The programmes for the distribution of certificates, which can be seen on both the Boys’ and Girls’ sites, often list the names of those pupils who gained scholarships of various kinds. The Miners’ Welfare Scholarships and Exhibitions helped a large number of students over the years, and the regulations governing their allocation are reproduced below.

from Alun Powell
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Miners Welfare p1

Regulations and Instructions for Making Application

Miners Welfare page 2

Eligibility and Types of Award

Miners Welfare page 3

Values of Scholarships
and Exhibitions

Miners Welfare page 4

Selection for Awards

Miners Welfare page 5

Instructions for Making an Application

Miners Welfare page 6

Letter of Application
and School Report

Miners Welfare page 7

Instructions for
Completed Application Forms