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Keith Lewis after the award of his U.C. Swansea Scholarship, 1959

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Brynmor Keith Lewis 1959

Brynmor Keith Lewis was at school from 1952 until 1959. He took Geography, Geology and Economics at Advanced Level, and was awarded an Open Scholarship at Swansea, as well as a State Scholarship. He lived in Pendarren Street in Aberdare. In 1959, winners of scholarships to University College, Swansea were entitled to wear undergraduate gowns with the addition of a college badge, which can be seen in this photograph.

Here Keith is pictured with his grandparents, headmaster Mr Jess Warren and two of his A level teachers, Mr Tom Evans and Mr Meirion Jenkins.

The photograph was taken on School House lawn with the clock-tower and Room 2 in the background.

Former pupils may be forgiven if they get confused with their high-flying Lewises of this period,
for in the following year, 1960, two more boys with this surname also gained State Scholarships:
Melvyn Keith Lewis and Eric Lewis, both from Hirwaun.