AS THE FIRST CHAIRMAN of the school’s new governing body, County Coun. (Mrs.) Prudence Williams, J.P., said she deemed it a great privilege to be presiding at that evening’s gathering.

“This is a most important moment in life for lots of the boys whose achievements are being recognised this evening, and on behalf of the governors I congratulate you on your successes.”

The occasion was also important for the governors as it gave them the chance to have contact with more people. The prize distribution itself gave parents and governors alike a full insight into the school’s achievements.

It could be see that the school’s programme catered for the body as well as the mind; aimed at bringing out the best in every citizen “for future use and future life”.

Here Mrs. Prudence Williams paid tribute to the work of the teaching staff. Without the teachers, she said, these qualities would not be forthcoming. The pupils had the talent and it was the teachers who made sure that it did not lie dormant.

The evening was a big occasion for the parents of the children who had done well, and they had every right to be proud of their sons, for their effort and their good results.

Welcoming the formation of a Parents’ Association, Mrs. Williams welcomed their assistance in raising funds. “This school has a tradition to live up to, and if we all work together, education in Aberdare will not suffer; it will improve and we shall enhance the high standards we have always enjoyed in Aberdare.”