Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Badges & Houses

school building

Various lapel badges
(We don’t yet have a Tudur badge - any offers?)

Dewi House

Dewi House badge up to 1959–60.

New Dewi Badge

Dewi House badge from 1959–60.

The style of the badge was changed by Ken Reynolds (House Captain) and Drew Haman (Vice-Captain).

Dewi Vice Captain

Drew Haman’s House Vice-Captain ribbon.


Penri from Alwyn Griffiths

Penri House Badge

Prefect Alwyn Griffiths

In Alwyn’s U6th year, all the prefects’ badges were black regardless of the prefect’s House colour, except Wynford Bowen who had
a red Head prefect badge.


Penri House

Penri House badge
(The design of this 1957 badge lacks the ornamentation - compare with the 1954 version above.) By 1958, the Penri badge assumed the conventional shield shape.

Prefect (White) Chess Club

School Chess Club Badge

Little Theatre

Not a School Badge, but Dylan with a group of pupils from both grammar schools, took part in a production of Tartuffe staged at the Little Theatre in 1963


Llewelyn House Badge Head Prefect Badge

Colin supplied these images of the Llewelyn and Head Prefect badges.  He was Head Prefect and Gary Griffiths the Deputy in the 1963–4 year.  He said that prefects had few if any privileges. Instead, prefects had the task of keeping lower school boys out of the building at break and lunchtime, often being besieged at the door near Room 3 and the stairs to the staff room.   Also, there was bus duty. This involved keeping order at the bus stop on the school side of the main road and allowing innocent Aberdare citizens to leave the bus before hoards of our boys joined the crush to get on.   Gary and Colin also had to propose and second a vote of thanks to the guest speaker at the Distribution of Certificates ceremony.


This shows the back of the prefect’s badge with the name of the manufacturer. The company Fattorini and Sons of Birmingham is still thriving,
click here to view their web site.