Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School Uniform

school building

The Blazer Badge

Hodges Badge

This blazer badge, together with the cricket colours,
was the one used in the 1957-64 era.

from Colin Rees

Co-op Badge

Copied, with permission, from the 1971 boys site.
This badge is from the 1971-78 era after the school had moved to the Cwmdare Hill site. Colin Rees has commented that in the 1960’s the exact colours of the badges varied depending on where they were bought, Hodges or the Co-op. It’s obvious also, perhaps, that the quality of the embroidery had improved a bit between the 1960’s and the 1970’s.

from Gordon Evans


Unknown Badge

We do not know much about this badge. OA suggests Old Aberdarians perhaps?
It belonged to either Ada Phillips (Girls’ County School 1922-29),
or to her future husband Archie Edwards (Boys’ County School 1920-27).

from Menna White who is Ada & Archie’s daughter

School Caps

School Cap

A school cap from the 1957-64 era.
This design seems to have been in use from before WW1.

from Colin Rees

Cricket Cap

A cricket team cap from 1957-64.
If you managed to play cricket for a season, perhaps 5 or 6 games, you were awarded a cap and colours. Half colours for one season, full for two seasons.  These were awarded at morning assembly.  There were also colours for rugby and athletics.

from Colin Rees

Rugby Cap

A school rugby cap from the 50s or 60s.
The name inside reads H Evans or H Edwards.

from Ken Ford

Trevor Taylor Rugby Cap

Trevor Taylor’s rugby cap, 1937

from Trevor himself

Junior and Senior School Ties

Junior Tie Senior Tie

These aren’t original ties, they are images taken from the internet which match our ties closely,
although the exact shade of amber may not be quite right. An earlier school tie with
horizontal stripes can be seen in some of the class photographs on this site.