Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Academic Activities

school building

Central Welsh Board Rules Governing Subject Combinations
1911   1932

School entrance and scholarship examinations
1932    1952    1957

Terminal tests
A selection of End of Term exam papers

Scans of many O-level and A-level exam papers taken
by Drew Haman in 1958-60

English Literature
The literature covered in classes by Form 5 in 1961-62

Various GCE examination papers
O Level : 1959   1962
A Level : 1961

Use of English

Brief details of some of the textbooks believed to have been used in school, or written by our teachers, or by past pupils.
new book added



Some Forms & Their Form Masters

The timetables for form 1A in 1957 and onwards salvaged from
notebooks of the 1957–64 era

Some information about the Geology teachers and
the School’s collection of rocks and fossils.