The Aberdarian, 1980

from Judith Griffiths

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This is the second edition of the magazine produced after the school became the Boys’ Comprehensive. As well as the usual club reports, also included in this edition are an assessment of the second year of the comprehensive school by the Headmaster, Mr. Noel Thomas, and an interview with Mr. Meirion T. Jenkins in his retirement year. He joined the school in 1949 and completed 31 years there.

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Title Page
Editor: Simon Leach

Page 2

Aberdare Co-op

Page 3

Editorial: S. Leach

Page 4

Lewis & Co,
R. Matthews

Page 5

Two Years On
Noel Thomas (Headmaster)
Poem: C. Saunders

Page 6

Prose: Anthony Barnes
Poem: Wayne David

Page 7

Prose: Neville Jones,
Artwork: K. Rambach
Mynd i Lundain:
Robert Kern

Page 8

Central Fish Bar
Joe’s Restaurant

Page 9

Poem: Andrew Jenkins
Poem: Simon Thomas

Page 10

Prose: Adrian Armsden
Poem: Stuart Lloyd

Page 11

Prose: Martyn Evans
Artwork : M. Webber

Page 12

The Copper Kettle,
Lloyd’s Hairdressing

Page 13

Cholera in Aberdare:
N. Edwards &
A. Sidorowicz
Humour: Paul Garrett

Page 14

Servini’s Restaurant,
E. Webber & Sons

Page 15

Prose: G. & T. Kemble
Humour: Dene Woodman

Page 16

Prose: Nigel Hoffland
Prose: Simon Leach

Page 17

Poem: The Kemble Twins

Page 18

Advert: Joseph Phillips

Page 19

The Leach Interview:
Mr. Meirion T. Jenkins
(retiring in 1980)

Page 20

Crossword Puzzle:
Robin Jenkins
Humour: Paul Garrett

Page 21

Crossword Clues

Page 22

Poem: C. Ellis
Artwork: Jimmy Richards
Humour: Paul Garrett

Page 23

Believe it or not ...
Peter Morris
Prose: Martyn Hill

Page 24

A Cut Above

Page 25

(Notes on Teaching Staff)
Simon Leach

Page 26

Adrian Coombs

Page 27

Poems: Eamon Delany
Gwyliau Gwahanol:
Dayne Owens

Page 28

Graham Dunn - Supertune,
B. Runge Ltd

Page 29

Keeping Birds: Glyn Mabey
Artwork: D. Evans &
M. Webber

Page 30

Natural Selection,
Aberdare Adult Education

Page 31

Poem: Mark Callahan,
Poem: Simon Thomas
Artwork: S. Williams

Page 32

Adverts: Emrys Evans,

Page 33

Cars through the Ages
Richard Price &
A. Thomas

Page 34

Prose: Christopher Rees

Page 35

Problem Page:
Peter Morris

Page 36

Advert: John Webber
(Fish Merchants)

Page 37

Prose: Leighton Bryant
Artwork: Simon Davis

Page 38

The Model Shop

Page 39

Amateur Astronomy:
Jeremy Ryan

Page 40

Illtyd Williams,
A. & J.M. Sheppard

Page 41

Humour: A.N. Other &
N.O. Body

Page 42

G.H. Ewington & Sons,
Jan Citric

Page 43

Prose: Paul Richards

Page 44

Advert: Peppers
Crossword Solution

Page 45

Poems: Simon Thomas

Page 46

Artwork: Roderick H. Lloyd

Page 47

The Staff Cricket Team
Mr. M.T. Davies
Artwork: M. Webber

Page 48

A.B. Andrews,
Iorri Leach

Page 49

Club Reports:
Chess Club: T. Kear
Aberdare Interact:
Huw Avon & Peter Morris

Page 50


Page 51

Cricket Report:
M. Welford
Advert: Sidetrack

Page 52

BOB (Grocers)

Page 53

Cricket Report (cont.)

Page 54

Adverts: Colin Jones,
Music Centre

Page 55

Rugby Report:
M. Barnes (Capt.)

Page 56

Advert: T. Bryan Hope,
Artwork: Peter Morris

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Advert: Manning Removals

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Advert: Barclays Bank