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Garfield Griffiths Emigrates

Mr Garfield Griffiths resigned his post of Senior English master at the school in the summer of 1964.  He emigrated to Ontario, Canada with his family including his sons Gary and Robert who were pupils at the school. Mr Griffiths was also a pupil of the school 1932-38, and appears in the school 1938 panoramic photograph. Mr Griffiths married Jocelyn M. Prosser in 1942. Both have now passed on: Mr Griffiths died in 1999, aged 78, whilst Mrs Griffiths died in 2010.

The deputy headmaster P.E. Phillips, M.A., (PEP), also retired at the end of this term after 39 years as a master at the School, where he had taught from 1925. He was a pupil at the School 1915-20, and appears in the Fifth Form, 1919 photograph. Mr Phillips died in August 1985 aged 82. PEP married Blanchette Thomas of Trecynon in 1938; Dr Blanch died in 1981, also aged 82.

Also in 1964, Mr John Alwyn Jones, B.A., B.D., (Religious Instruction) resigned his post to take up a position at Barry Training College.

Leader: Garfield Retirement