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A newspaper report of the presentation
by the teachers of the School to
Mr & Mrs Jenkyn Thomas on their removal to London, 1905

Staff Presentation to Mr and
Mrs Jenkyn Thomas.
Presentation.—On Thursday evening the Aberdare County School staff entertained Mr W. Jenkyn Thomas, M.A., headmaster, and his wife to a dinner at the Cafe Mona upon their departure for London, Mr Thomas having been appointed headmaster of the Grocers’ Company school at Hackney.  At the close of the dinner Mr and Mrs Thomas were presented with a silver salver.  Miss White, senior mistress, said, “When we first heard that Mr Thomas had been offered an appointment in London, we were all astounded—not that he did not deserve it, or even a better one still.  When the shock subsided, there came a feeling of deep regret, and this still remains.   I may say I have worked with Mr Thomas ever since the school was opened, and the pleasantest of relations have always existed between him and all of us.  We could not wish for a better headmaster.  He has always been ready to uphold our authority and to give us good counsel. We all deeply regret parting with him, and on behalf of the staff, I have very great pleasure in handing to Mrs Thomas this salver as a token of our regard and esteem, and I hope that when you look upon it in future you will think kindly of your staff at Aberdare.   I trust that Mr and Mrs Thomas will live many years to use it.”  The silver salver bore the inscription “Presented to Mr and Mrs Jenkyn Thomas as a mark of esteem and regard by their colleagues at the Aberdare County School, July 27, 1905.”  Mr W.C. Cox, M.A., said that the staff had found in Mr and Mrs Thomas not only a headmaster and his wife but kind and thoughtful friends.  Mr Ogwen Williams said that he would render his inarticulate tribute in the words of Ceiriog “Ti wyddost beth ddywed fy nghalon.”  Mrs Jenkyn Thomas said “I thank you all most sincerely on behalf of Mr Thomas and myself for the beautiful silver salver you have so kindly given us.  We shall always greatly treasure it, and it will ever be a memory of pleasant and very happy times spent with you all.  It is with sincere regret and sorrow that we are leaving you, and I shall always look upon the time spent in connection with the Aberdare County School with very affectionate remembrance.”  Mr Thomas apologised for his inability to thank the staff adequately for their kindness.  No headmaster could have a staff more able, hardworking and loyal. They had never hesitated to sacrifice themselves for the good of the school, and the feeling that he was severing his connection with such colleagues deeply affected him.  He wished them and the school all possible success. In the afternoon Mr Thomas was the recipient of a dressing case from the pupils of the school. Mr W.C. Cox, senior master, presided, and Miss L. John, senior prefect, handed over the gift.  Mr Thomas feelingly responded.
Aberdare Leader, 5th August 1905