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Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

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Old School

Rugby First XV 1940 – 41

from Rod Bird*

Ruby 1940-41


Names on Reverse of Photo

Reverse with names

The full names of the individuals, where known, are as follows:
William Elias 1938–41, Donald Falder 1936–41, Eric John Hughes 1938–41, William Glyndwr Price 1937–41
Owen Llewellyn Thomas 1936–42, Eurfyl Price 1936–42, John Leslie Jenkins 1936–42, Wyndham Bowen Evans 1937–43

Mr Ernest James Excell, Graham S Bird 1934–41, Gwilym John Mitchell Rees 1938–41, William Vivian Morgan 1935–41, Ieuan Cynlais Price 1935–41,
John Evan Phillips 1935–41 David Gethin Silvanus 1935–41, Raymond Mills 1935–42

David Mansel Barling 1936–42, William Anthony Lloyd Evans 1935–42, Leslie Peters 1935–41, Alun Thomas 1936–43


*Rod Bird is the son of Graham S. Bird, seen in this photograph.
There have been three generations of the family passing through the school, starting with George S. Bird, ABCS 1912–15.
His sons were Graham S. Bird 1934–41 and David Stuart Bird 1944–51.
Graham and David each sent a son to the school in the 1970s, Jeremy & Simon respectively.