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A selection of rugby photographs taken in the
seasons 1963–64 and 1964–65

from Philip V. Rees (past student: 1958–1965)


Rugby action one

Season 1963–1964
Back Row: John Tomkins, Keith Williams (secretary), Ben Brace, Gwyn James, D.R. Davies, Howard Evans, Brian Morgan,
Eric Jones, Ceri Morgan, Mr. Harris (temporary teacher for Mr. H.J. Manning)
Front Row: John Marsh, Phil Rees, Philip Pendry, Gabe Servini, Graham Bevan (Capt.), Colin Morgan, Jeff Hall, Clive Richards.

Location of photo: Ferndale School Rugby Ground


Rugby action two

Season 1963–1964
Back Row: Ceri Morgan, Clive Richards, Gwyn James, Ben Brace, John Marsh, Philip Pendry, Eric Jones, Graham Bevan, D.R. Davies, Howard Evans
Front Row: John Tomkins, Jeff Hall, Colin Morgan, Gabe Servini, Phil Rees.
Location of photo: Outside the school changing room after a match.
This photo was sent to us by Clive Richards.


Rugby action three

Season 1964–1965
Back Row: Keith Williams (secretary), Brian Morgan, Ceri Morgan, Howard Evans, D.R. Davies, Ian Matthews, Michael Thomas, Wayne Powell
Middle Row: Mike Reddy, ??, Stefan Sidorowicz, Mike Neads, Richard Llewellyn
Front Row: Gabe Servini, Phil Rees (Capt.), Clive Harris
The photograph was taken in Aberaman Park, with Cwmbach and Rose Row visible through the trees.



Rugby action four

Season 1964–1965, October 27th 1964
This is the photograph of both teams for the home match against The Bec School, from Tooting in south west London. The game resulted in a
win for ABGS, 16 - 13. The game was played at the Aberaman RFC ground.In the photo it possible to see smoke from the kilns of the Aberaman brick
and pipeworks in the background. ABGS players are in dark jerseys with a single hoop.

Instead of reading the players’ names from a caption, for this photograph please hover your mouse pointer
centrally over the face of each player. A pop-up caption should then identify the person.
(It looks like Clive Harris (standing 3rd from left) has swapped shirts with the Bec boy resting his arm on Gabe Servini.)


Rugby action five

Season 1964–1965
This is the photograph of both teams for the away match against The Bec School in Tooting, London.
The result was a win for The Bec School, 8-5. The pitch was in a poor condition; so were the players at the end of the game!

Back row: (Bec player), Wayne Powell, Mike Reddy, H. Evans, D.R. Davies, Gareth Powell, Ian Matthews, (Bec player), Mike Neads, all others Bec players.
Front Row: Gabe Servini, Phil Rees, Colin Morgan, Richard Llewellyn, Norman Jenkins, (Bec player), Ceri Morgan, (Bec player), Sidorowicz.


Rugby action six

Season 1963–1964
Action at the river end of the Robertstown field. ABGS players from the left:
D.R. Davies No. 14, on the floor Philip Rees, Jeff Hall (almost obscured), Steve Lewis, Philip Pendry (looking away from camera), John Tomkins, H. Evans


Rugby action seven

Season 1963–1964
ABGS players from the left: Clive Richards (partly obscured), Colin Morgan No. 9, D.R. Davies No. 14,
Howard Evans (jumping for the ball), John Marsh No. 1, Gwyn Jones No. 3.
Location: Robertstown field looking towards the Gadlys Arms.


Rugby action eight

1963–1964 Season
This final action photograph is taken at the railway end of the Robertstown field. ABGS players are in the darker jerseys, and from the right this time:
Jeff Hall is near the post, Graham Bevan is No 11, with Ceri Morgan near him. Phil Rees, No 13, is on the ground as usual, with Philip Pendry
making the tackle. Following up, on the left, are Gabe Servini and Howard Evans.

Bec player Bec player Bec player Bec player Bec player Bec player Howard Evans Ceri Morgan Ben Brace Mike Neads Phil Rees Richard Llewellyn Brian Morgan (?) Ian Matthews Norman Jenkins Jeff Richards Gabe Servini Bec player Gareth Powell Clive Harris Wayne Powell Bec player Bec player Bec player Bec Player D.R. Davies Bec player Bec player Bec player Bec player what