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Copies of photographs of individual achievers previously displayed at Aberdare Boys’ School & in the local press

from School Archives

Noel Davies

Noel Davies, (ABGS 1962–69);
W.S.R.U. 1966, W.S.Athletics Assn., 1965
(son of biology master Mr D.D. Davies, more details)

Barrie Thomas

Barrie Thomas, (ABGS 1966–73); U15 WSFA 1969–70;
U18 WFA & Welsh Amateur Senior 1972–73 (16 caps);
later Captain Oxford University XI, 1974–75.

Neil Edwards and Jason Rees

Graham Bevan (Hon. Sec. of Cynon Valley Schools F.A.,
and of Park School), with Jason Rees and Neil Edwards (both
Welsh Schools U-15’s) and their Welsh Caps, circa 1985.

Paul Szypryt

Paul Szypryt, (ABGS 1966–73)
awarded Welsh S.S. Rugby Union Caps, 1972/73

James Williams

James Williams, Youth International
Fly Fisherman, 1995–1996

C Hergest

Christopher Hergest, British Karate Champion, 1995

Peter George

Peter George, British Karate Championship, 1995
2nd in his class

Richard Gardiner

Richard Gardiner, WS & Country, 1990–91

Timothy Howells

Timothy Howells, Gt. Britain Cycling, 1989/90

Kevin Headford

Kevin Headford
WSFA (-16) 1993–1994

Neil Evans

Neil Evans
WSRU ‘A’ (-16) 1994–1995

Darren Morris 1989–90

Darren Morris, WSRU (-16) 1989–90. Senior club rugby
from 1992. Wales International 1998–2004;
Lions tour 2001. Coach.

Matthew Richards 1986–87

Matthew Richards, W.S. Cricket Association, 1986–87

Craig Reynolds 1995–96

Craig Reynolds, ABCS 1988–93,
WSRU (-16) 1991–92

Paul Morgan

Paul Morgan, Welsh Schools Athletics Association, 1984–85

Gardner and Pearson

Richard Gardiner & David Pearson WSAA 1988–89

Lee Morris

Lee Morris ABCS 1992–97,
British Karate Championships 3rd in class

Mark Davies

Mark Davies, WSRU 1993–94

David Hall

David Hall, WSRU ‘B’ XV 1986/87, ABCS 1984–89

Gareth Rees

Gareth Rees, WSRU 1987/88, ABCS 1984–91

Neil Edwards

Neil Edwards, WSFA 1986/87, ABCS 1982–87

David Young

David Young, Wales Youth Captain 1985, ABCS 1978–83.
Later: Welsh International, 51 caps; & rugby administrator.
Wasps Coach, Cardiff Blues Coach 2003–11 & 2021–.

Neil Edwards

Huw Jones, WSRU U15 1981–82, ABCS 1978–83


Nicholas Davies (ABCS 1978–84), Huw Jones (ABCS 78–83) and David Young, (ABCS 1978–83)

James Rowlands

James Rowlands, Wales U16 XI, 1994–95, ABCS 1990–95

James Rowlands

Daniel Harries, Wales U16 XI, 1994–95, ABCS 1990–95

James Rowlands

Richard Wilcox, Welsh Boys’ Clubs, 1990–91, ABCS 1985–92

James Rowlands

Richard Donnelly, WS Athletics, 1987–88, ABCS 1981–88

James Rowlands

Simon Polnik, Welsh YMCA XI, 1990–91, ABCS 1986–92

David Evans

David Wyn Evans, WSRU 7 a side 1981–82, ABCS 1977–85
Later: Oxford Rugby Blue & Welsh International, 12 caps

Kevin Price

Kevin Price, WSRU, ABCS 1979-86

Steven Rogers

Steven Rogers, U15 Wales 'B' v. Scotland 1982–83,
ABCS 1979–86

Mathew James

Matthew James, Wales ‘A’ U16 2002–03

Jonathan Williams, Ryan James (captain), Rhys Williams

Jonathan Williams, Ryan James (captain), Rhys Williams
Wales ‘A’ U16 versus England ‘A’ U16
April 10th, 2005

Chris Moses

Chris Moses, Wales U16, 1999–2000, ABCS 1995–2001
After leaving school Chris also played U18 2001–02

Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams, Wales ‘A’ U16, 2002–03

Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams, Wales ‘A’ U16 versus England ‘A’ U16
April 10th, 2005

Mark Davies (in blazer)

Mark Davies, WSRU 1993–94