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An unofficial hockey match between the girls and boys schools, probably 1952–53

from Dave Lewis

This photo is of a group of girls and boys from the two Grammar Schools taken during an unofficial hockey match at Cae Pugh near Cwmdare. We’ve been told that this was a one-off event, and such events were later banned by the girls Head Teacher, Miss Graham.

In the back row are: Jeff Evans, Brian Buck, Jean Rudd, Arwyn Richards, Joan David, Gwyn Morgan, Marlene Nelson, Avril Williams, Colin Burke, Hilary Griffiths, Margaret Evans, Peter Williams, Ray Howells, Hilary Richards, Ray Walters, Pamela Forward, and three others who haven’t been identified
In the front row (sitting) are: Dilwyn Davies, Alan Pascoe, Marjorie Evans, Victor Carney.

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