May 1957

W HEN the Aberdare Boys' Grammar School held its annual athletic sports at the School Field, Robertstown, last Thursday, it was a fine warm afternoon and a good number of spectators gathered to watch a fine display of athletics.

Once again the W.M. Llewellyn Cup was won by Dewi House, and County Coun. J. R. James presented the trophy to Phillip Walters, the house captain.

The Inter-School Relay Cup was won this year by the Porth team, with Aberdare coming second, and Mountain Ash third.

Alderman Mrs. F. Rose Davies, C.B.E., J.P., presented this trophy to M. James, the Porth captain.


Houses: Dewi (D), Penri (P), Tudur (T), Llewellyn (L).

Senior Section:

100 yards: 1, K. James (T): 2, G. Evans (L); 3, L.C. Jones (D); time, 10.8 secs.

220 yards: 1, G. Evans (L): 2, L.C. Jones (D); 3, G. Melhuish (L). Time 25.8 secs.

440 yards: 1. M.R. Davies (P); 2, K. Bowen (D); 3, P. Walters (D). Time, 58.6 secs.

Hurdles: 1, G. Evans (L); 2, M.R. Davies (P); 3, C. Havard (D). Time, 14.6 secs.

High jump: 1, M.R. Davies (P); 2, C. Havard (D): 3, P. Walters (D). Height 5ft. 6in.

Long jump: 1, T. G. Thomas (L); 2, C. Havard (D); 3, A. Prowle (L). Distance 17ft. 5in.

Javelin: 1, T. Davies (T); 2, G. Evans (L); 3, T.G. Thomas (L). Distance 137ft. ½-inch.

Discus: 1, L. Evans (T); 2, P. Verrier (T); 3, T.G. Thomas (L). Distance 108ft. ll½in.

Shot: 1, T.G. Thomas (L); 2, L. Evans (T); 3, M.R. Davies (P), distance 34ft. 8in.

House relay race: 1, Dewi; 2, Tudur; 3, Llewellyn.

Middle Section:

100 yards: 1, B. Pugh (D); 2, W. Bowen (L); 3, K. Thomas (P) and G. Howells (D). Time 11 secs.

220 yards: 1, W. Bowen (L); 2, K. Thomas (P); 3, D.E. Morgan (T). Time 25.4 secs.

440 yards: 1. W. Bowen (L): 2, K. Thomas (P); 3, B. Pugh (D). Time 58.6 secs.

Hurdles: 1, D. Cummings (T); 2, E. Lewis (L); 3, C. Howells (P). Time 14.4 secs.

High jump: 1, H. Bushen (P); 2, R. Morgan (D); 3, A. Servini (T). Height 4ft. 10in.

Long jump: 1, K. Thomas (P); 2, R.E. Howells (P); 3, D.R. Davies (D). Distance 17ft. 8½in.

Javelin: 1, A. Wilson (L); 2, D.R. Davies (D); 3, D.E. Morgan (T). Distance 118ft. 9in.

Discus: 1, G. Howells (D); 2, D. Long (L); 3, D. Allen (T). Distance 122ft.

Shot: 1, G. Howells (D); 2, A. Wilson (L); 3, R.M. Williams (T). Distance 37ft. 4in.

House relay race: 1, Dewi; 2, Llewellyn; 3, Tudur.

Junior Section:

100 yards: 1, M. Bishop (T); 2, A. Palmer (T) and R.L. Rees (T). Time 12 secs.

220 yards: 1, A. Palmer (T); 2, R.L. Rees (T); 3, K. Williams (P). Time 28.8 sees.

Hurdles: 1, R.L. Rees (T); 2, B. Evans (L); 3, C. Adkins (D). Time 12.4 sees.

High jump: 1, J. Davies (D); 2, D.T. Daniels (L); 3, B. Evans (L). Height 4ft. 5in.

Long jump: 1, R.L. Rees (T); 2, K. Williams (P); 3, J. Davies (D). Distance 15ft. 6in.

House relay race: 1, Tudur; 2, Llewellyn; 3, Dewi.

Form I Section:

80 yards: 1, M. Bishop (T); 2, C. Adkins (D); 3, C. Lewis (D). Time 10 sees.

220 yards: 1, M. Bishop (T); 2, C. Adkins (D); 3, J. Meredith (P). Time 29.6 secs.

High jump: 1, G. Morgan (T); 2, M. Bishop (T); 3, R. Key (L). Height 4ft. 4in.

Long jump: 1, A. Williams (L); 2, M. Bishop (T); 3, C. Adkins (D). Distance 13ft. 5½in.

House relay team: 1, Llewellyn; 2, Tudur; 3, Penri.

880 yards (open) handicap: 1, W. Bowen (L); 2, D.E. Morgan (T); 3, J. Godding (P). Time 2 mins. 20 secs.

Inter-school relay race (distances 220, 100, 220, 440 yards): 1, Porth; 2, Aberdare; 3, Mountain Ash. Time 1 min. 55 sees.

Points gained for Standards before Sports Day: Dewi 190, Llewellyn 166, Penri 127, Tudur 170.

Total points gained: Dewi 252½, Llewellyn 239, Penri 165½, Tudur 248.


President: the headmaster (Mr. J. Warren, B.A., M.Sc.); chief judges: Messrs. P.E. Phillips (track), T.R. James (jumps), G. Williams (throws); chief recorder, Mr. E. J. Davies.


Track and relay: Messrs. T.B. Reynolds, E.C. Jones, G.S. Bird, Arwyn Davies, O. J. Timothy, L. James, D.A. Lewis, Superintendent C. Everson, Chief Inspector R. Rowlands.

Jumps: Messrs. J.B. Davies, T.J. Evans, M.T. Jenkins, M. Morgan.

Throws: Messrs. G.D. Griffiths, D.D. Davies, C. Morris, Monsieur E. Janicot.

Timekeeper: Mr. R.W. Francis; starter and clerk of the course, Mr. E.J. Excell (sportsmaster); starter's steward, Mr. J. Oliver; competitors’ stewards, Messrs. B. Evans, D. Phelps, G. Howells; recorders, Mr. G. Evans, P.M. Walters (form 6a); hon. sec. athletics, D.J. Parsons (form 6a); school athletics captain, G. Evans (form 6a).