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Sports Day 1911

from School Archives.
These photographs are the original prints of the poor quality versions that appear in the booklet
“Aberdare Intermediate Schools, 1896 – 1946”, a copy of which is in the History section of this website.

Race End 1911

The end of a junior pupil race.
Buildings in the background would be: extreme left, The Slaughter House; Nazareth Chapel behind the boy in white
holding the finishing tape above his head;
Gordon Villas peeping over the railway embankment; and the roof and chimneys of Glanynys House on the far right.
The industrial chimneys in the far distance would probably be those of the Brickworks, (on current Tesco site),
and of the Power Station that was being constructed at about this time.
However, the nearest chimney stack would have been that of the Glancynon Foundry,
which was situated on the bank of the River Cynon opposite the High Level railway station.

Finishing Line 1911

The finish of a senior race.

Map 1914 Revision

Aberdare Athletic Ground where the event took place.
The red arrow denotes direction in which the camera was pointing in the above photographs.
This map is dated 1914, and at the time of the Sports Day in 1911, the Girls’ Intermediate School in Plasdraw,
next to the Drill Hall in the map, would not have been built - it opened two years later in 1913.