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Newspaper Report of the 1956 Sports Day

from Elfed Davies

The text below is a transcript of the report from The Aberdare Leader published in June 1956. An image of the original article can be seen using the link at the bottom of this page.


ONE of the high-spots of the Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School annual sports day, held at the school field, Robertstown, last Thursday afternoon, came when the school’s relay team won the inter-school relay cup for the first time in eight years.

The team was G. Evans, J. W. Thomas, J. Davies and M. R. Davies, and they defeated Lewis School, Pengam, Mountain Ash Grammar School and Caerphilly Grammar School, the holders of the cup.

The sun shone throughout the whole afternoon and the numerous spectators enjoyed a fine afternoon’s sport, in which Dewi proved house champions.

Results (P, signifies Penry House; T, Tudor, D, Dewi; Ll., Llewellyn).

100 yards (middle school): 1 K. James (T), 2 G. Richards (P), 3 C. Havard (D), time: 11.2 secs; high jump (form one): 1 J. Davies (D), 2 J. James (Ll.), 3 C. Hewitt (Ll.), height: 4ft. 2ins; 100 yards (senior): 1 J. W. Thomas (T), 2 J. Escott (Ll.), 3 G. Evans (Ll.), time: 11 secs; throwing the javelin (middle school): 1 T. Davies (T), 2 G. Howells (D), 3 R. Price (Ll.) distance: 157ft. 3ins.

High jump (senior): M. R. Davies (P), 2 A. Thomas (T), 3 (tied) G. Williams (T) and K. Ward (Ll.), height: 5ft. 2ins; long jump (senior): 1 D. R. Davies (D), 2 B. Jarvis (T), 3 W. Bowen (Ll.), distance: 14ft. 11ins; putting the shot (middle school): 1 C. Havard (D), 2 K. James (T), 3 D. Thomas (D), distance: 37ft. 1ins; hurling the discus (senior): 1 M. Britz (P), 2 M. Davies (P), 3 P. Verrier (T), distance: 96ft. 10ins.

High jump (junior): H. Davies (Ll.), 2 B. Pugh (D), 3, P. Rosser (D), height: 4ft 5ins; long jump (middle school): 1 R. Howells (P), B. Mills (Ll.), 3 (tied) D. Evans (P) and P. Jenkins (T), distance 17ft. 8ins; throwing the javelin (senior): 1 G. Evans (Ll.), 2 K. Hill (P), 3 J. Wyson (Ll.), distance: 140ft. 4ins; 100 yards (junior): 1 B. Pugh (D), 2 W. Bowen (Ll.), 3 D. R. Davies (D), time: l2secs.


Eighty yards (junior) : 1 G. Palmer (T), 2 K. Williams (P), 3 B. Evans (Ll.), time: 10.6secs. ¬†putting the shot (senior) : 1 M. Britz (P.), 2 F. Baker, (D), 3 K. Ward (Ll), distance: 33ft 3ins; hurling the discus (middle school) : 1 G. Richards (P), 2 G. Howells (D), 3 T. Davies (T), distance: 109ft. 6ins; 110 yards hurdles (senior) : 1 G. Evans (Ll.), 2 M. Davies (P), 3 — Melhuish1 (D), time: 14.4 secs.

100 yards hurdles (middle school): 1 C. Havard (D), 2 T. Davies (T), 3 D. Cummings (T), time: 14secs; inter-school relay race: 1 Aberdare, 2 Lewis School, Pengam, 3 Mountain Ash Grammar, time: 2mins 5.8secs; high jump (middle school): 1 J. Thomas (Ll.), 2 G. Richards (P), 3 B. Mills (Ll.), height: 4ft. l0ins; long lump (senior): 1. J. W. Thomas (T), 2 A. Thomas (T), 3 B. Perry (T), distance: 17ft. 10ins.

220 yards (form 1): 1 — Palmer2 (T), 2 B. Evans (Ll.), 3 K. Williams (P), time. 32secs; 220 yards (middle school): C. Havard (D), 2 G. Howells (D), 3 K. Thomas (P), time: 26.2secs; 220 yards (senior): 1 J. Davies (D), 2 G. Evans (Ll.), 3 G. Rees (D), time: 25secs; 220 yards (junior): 1 W. Bowen (Ll.), 2 B. Pugh(D), 3 D. R. Davies (D), time: 17sec.

Long jump (form one): 1 R. Rees (T), 2 A. Sweet (P), 3 G. Thomas (P), distance: 13ft. 9ins; 440 yards (middle school): 1 D. Morgan (T), 2 V. Barnard (D), 3 G. Richards (P), time: 63.2secs; 440 yards (senior): 1 J. Escott (Ll.), 2 K. Bowen (D), 3 K. Hill (P), time: 58secs; 75 yards hurdles (junior): 1 P. Rosser (D), 2 D. R. Davies (D), 3 R. Servini (Ll.), time: 12.8 secs.

House relay race (middle): 1 Tudur, 2 Dewi, 3 Penri, 4 Llewellyn, time: 51.2 secs; house relay (senior): 1 (tied) Dewi and Tudur, 3 Llewellyn, 4 Penri, time 49.2 secs; house relay (junior): 1 Llewellyn, 2 Dewi, 3 Tudur, 4 Penri, time: 40.2 secs., house relay (form one): 1 Dewi, 2 Tudur, 3 Penri, 4 Llewellyn, time: 42.4secs; 880 yards handicap (open): 1 J. Escott (Ll.), 2 W. Bowen (Ll.), 3 K. Bowen (D), time: 2mins. 22.5secs.

Final house positions: Dewi 240 points; Tudur 222 points; Llewellyn 197½ points; Penri 137½ points.

The meeting was a great success, thanks mainly to Mr. E. J. Excell, the sportsmaster.

At the end of the afternoon, the cups were presented to the winning captains.

Mr. L. M. Thomas, MA., a former master at the school, presented the inter-school relay cup to M. R. Davies, and County Coun. Morgan Thomas presented the W. M. Llewellyn Cup to K. Bowen, sports captain of Dewi House.

Officials: President, The Headmaster (Mr. J. Warren, B.A., M.Sc.); chief judges, Mr. J. T. Bowen (track), Mr. P. E. Phillips (track), Mr. T. R. James (jumps), Mr. D. A. Lewis (throws); chief recorder, Mr E. J Davies.

Judges: Track and relay, Mr. T. B. Reynolds, Mr. E. C. Jones, Mr. G. S. Bird, Mr. Aerwyn Davies, Mr. L. M. Thomas, Chief-inspector R. Rowlands, Mr. O. J. Timothy, Mr. L. James, Mr. E. J. Bowen; jumps, Mr. J. B. Davies, Mr. T. J. Evans, Mr. M. T. Jenkins, Mr. E. T. Bowen; throws, Mr. G. Williams, Mr. G. D. Griffiths, Mr. D. D. Davies, Mr. C. Morris; time-keeper, Mr. R. W. Francis; starter and clerk of the course: Mr. E. J. Excell (sports master); starter’s steward, Mr. D. C. Jones; competitors’ stewards, Mr. B. Evans and Mr. D. Phelps; recorders, Mrs. H. Evans, P. Walters (Form 6a); D. Parsons (Form 6 alpha); hon. secretaries (athletics), P. Walters (Form 6a), D. Parsons (Form 6a Alpha [sic]); school athletic captain, Morton R. Davies (Form 6a).

1 Probably Glen R. Melhuish
2 Probably Alan Palmer