Report of the 1950 Sports Day from the Aberdare Leader 15th July 1950

Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Junior’s outstanding long jump


Aberdare Boys’ County School were fortunate in having a fine afternoon on Tuesday week for their annual sports, when all the events were marked by the usual spirit of keen competition and a strong “house” rivalry. The sports finished in good time, a few minutes before the first shower in the afternoon.

The headmaster, Mr. T.B. Reynolds, B.A., introduced the High Constable, Mr. B. Spencer Bird, who presented the trophies.

The “W.M. Llewellyn” house championship cup was won by Dewi House, and was received by the captain, J. McClean. The inter-school relay cup was presented to the captain of Porth Grammar School team. Rugby “colours” were also presented by the High Constable.

One outstanding result was the winning long jump by J. Manning, in the middle-school event. He jumped the same distance (4 ft. 10 ins.) as the winning senior boy.

The total points gained for standards before sports day were: Penri and Dewi (97); Tudor (75); and Llewellyn (74).


Dewi (167½ points); Penri (166); Llewellyn (136); Tudor (123).

80 yards (Forms 1): 1, W. Thomas (D); 2, M. Barnes (T); 3, E. Howells (T).

100 yards (Forms 1): 1, W. Thomas (L); 2, J. Davies (D); 3, K. Magor (L); middle school: 1, R. Jones (T); 2, G. Thomas (T); 3, D. Minette (P); senior: 1, J. Gwilliam (L); 2, G. Jenkins (T); 3, D. Baxter (P).

220 yards (Forms 1): 1, M. Barnes (T); 2, S. Evans (L); 3, D. Baker (L); junior: D. Thomas (L); 2, K. Magor (L); B. Brooks (P); middle school: 1, D. Minette (P); 2, G. Thomas (T); 3, W. Samuel (D); senior: 1, J. Gwilliam (L); 2, L. Thomas (D); 3, G. Jenkins (T).

440 yards (middle school): 1, D. Minette (P); 2, R. Yates (T); 3, G. Thomas (T); senior: L. Thomas (D); 2, M. Hussey (L); 3, W. J. Williams (L).

880 yards (open handicap): 1, T.N. Williams (T), 2 mins 22-2/5 secs; 2, D. R. Williams (P); 3, G. Phillips (P).

100 yards hurdles (mid-school): 1, M. D. Lewis (P); 2, J. Manning (D); 3, J. Lloyd (D); senior: 1, N. Spiers (P); 2, D. Baxter (P); 3, J. McClean (D).

High jump (Forms 1): 1, W. Evans (T); 2, A. Kennedy (L); W.B. Morris (T); junior: 1, A. Biggins (P); 2, T. Robinson (P); 3, C. Leeke (L); mid-school: 1, J. Manning (D); 2, J. Hillman (L); 3, T, McClean (D); senior: 1, J. McClean (D); 2, J. G. Morgan (T); 3, L. Thomas (D).

Long jump (Forms 1): J. E. Lawrence (D); 2, A. Reynolds (P); 3, E. Howells (T); junior: 1, K. Magor (L) and G. Davies (D), dead-heat; 3, D. Thomas (L); mid-school: 1, J. Manning (D); 2, W. Samuel (D); 3, R. Yates (T); senior: 1, Gwilliam (L); 2, D. Baxter (P); 3, T. McClean (D).

Throwing the javelin (mid-school): 1, W. Samuel (D); 2, J. Manser (D); 3, M. Davies (D); senior: 1, N. Spiers (P); 2, M. Warden (P); 3, B. Holt (D).

Putting the shot (mid-school): 1, W. Samuel (D); 2, R. Morgan (P); 3, M. Davies (D); senior: 1, J. Gwilliam (L); 2, D. Baxter (P); 3, M. Warden (P).

Hurling the discus (mid-school): 1, M. Davies (D); 2, K. W. Williams (T); 3, G. Freebury (P); senior: 1, N. Spiers (P); 2, R. Davies (L); 3, M. Warden (P).

75 yards hurdles (junior): 1, D. J. Thomas (L); 2, K. Magor (L); 3, G. Davies (D).

“House” relay race (Forms 1): 1, Dewi; 2, Tudor; 3, Llewellyn; junior: 1, Llewellyn; 2, Penri; 3, Dewi; mid-school: 1, Penri; 2, Dewi; 3, Tudor; senior: 1, Penri, 2, Llewellyn; 3, Dewi.

Inter-school relay race (six schools): 1, Porth County School; 2, Mountain Ash County School; 3, Aberdare County School (winners 1949).



President, The headmaster; chief judges, Mr. J. T. Bowen, Mr. E. C. Jones.

Judges track: Mr. L.M. Thomas, Supt. E. Jones, Mr. J.B. Davies, Mr. T.J. Evans, Mr. M. Jenkins; throws: Mr. Alan Clarke, Mr. D. A. Lewis, Mr. G. Williams, Mr. A. Matthews, Mr. R.W. Francis, Mr. J.A. Valette.

Timekeeper, Mr. W.D. Towler; starter, Mr. E.J. Excell (sports master), starter’s steward Mr. D.C. Jones; competitors’ stewards, Mr. G. Griffiths, Mr. D.D. Davies; recorders, Mr. T.R. James, Mr. E.J. Davies, Miss M. Smith, hon. secretaries, G. Jenkins (VIa), R. Blake (VI alpha).

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