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Newspaper Report of 1944 Sports Day

from Elfed Davies

The athletics Sports Day in 1944 was spread over two days, but there is no indication of why this was necessary. The text below is a transcript of the report from The Aberdare Leader published in June 1944. An image of the original article can be seen using the link at the bottom of this page.


The annual athletic sports of the Aberdare Boys’ County School was held on Thursday and Friday at the School Field, Robertstown. Only a few track events took place on Thursday, and the remainder of the programme was completed on Friday.

The disappointment of a curtailed programme on Thursday was amply compensated by a thrilling finish to the inter-school relay race, in which six schools, Mountain Ash, Porth, Aberdare (winners, 1943), Pontypridd, Barry and Pengam competed. Aberdare after a bad start improved their position, and after a remarkable effort by B. Hoggins, was placed third. The winners were Pontypridd County School with Porth second.

The final placing of the House Athletic championship was held on Friday, and resulted in Tudor with 179½ points taking first position, with Penri (166), Dewi (143½), and Llewellyn (125) following up.

Here are the results of the various events:—

Letter in brackets mark House: T., Tudor; P., Penri; D., Dewi; L., Llewellyn.

100 yards (mid-school): 1 W.B. Llewelyn (T.); 2 G. Beynon (T.); 3 T. Jones (L.). Time 11.4 secs.

High Jump (Form 1): 1 J. Maclean (D.); 2 Langley (P.); 3 D. Berry (P.). Height 3ft. 10ins.

100 yards (senior): 1 G. Thomas; 2 B. Hoggins (P.); 3 A. Thomas (L.). Time 11 secs.

Javelin (Mid School): 1 D.J. Morgan (T.); 2 D. Harries (T.); 3 N. Reynolds (D.). Distance 92ft. 6ins.

High jump (senior): 1 I.G. Thomas (P.); 2 B. John (D.); 3 A. Excell (P.) and V. Chidgey (T.). Height ?ft. 6ins.

Long jump (junior): 1 A. Davies (T.); 2 M.B. Lloyd (L.); 3 E. Ryan (T.). Distance 13ft. 8ins.

Putting the shot (mid-school): 1 D.J. Morgan (T.); 2 W. Llewelyn (T.); 3 T.J. Jones (L.). Distance 32ft. 6ins.

Discus (senior): 1 I.B. John (D.); 2 R. Reynolds (L.); 3 V. Chidgey (T.). Distance 89ft.

High jump (junior): 1 M.B. Lloyd (L.); 2 G. Angell (D.); 3 G. Walker (T.)

Long jump (mid-school): 1 D. Edwards (P.); 2 D. Williams; 3 N. Reynolds (D.). Distance 14ft. 11ins.

Javelin (senior): 1 V. Chidgey (T.); 2 A.J. Excell (P.); 3 H. Owen (P.). Distance 105ft.

100 yards (junior): 1 W. Lewis (L.); 2 P. Acherman (P.); 3 B.F. Roberts (P.). Time 13.8 secs.

80 yards (Forms 1): 1 D. Thomas (T.); 2 P. Henneberry (D.); 3 C. Vater (T.). Time 12.6 secs.

Putting the shot (senior): 1 R. Thomas (T.); 2 C. Vater (T.); 3 Morgan (P.) and Henneberry (D.). Time ??.8 secs.

100 yards hurdles (mid-school): 1 T.J. Jones (L.); 2 G. Beynon (T.); 3 B. Berry (L.). Time 16sec.

High jump (mid-school): 1 E. Davies (D.); 2 D. Edwards (P.); 3 Reynolds (D.). Height 4ft. 5ins.

220 yards (senior): 1 B. Hoggins (P.); 2 R. Morris (P.); 3 A. Thomas (L.). Time 26.2 secs.

Long jump (senior): B. Hoggins (P.); 2 V. Chidgey (T.); 3 R. Bassett (L.). Distance 17ft 4ins.

220 yards (mid-school): T.J. Jones (L.); W.B. Llewellyn (T.); 3 G. Beynon (T.). Time 24 secs.

220 yards (junior): 1 A. Davies (T.); 2 M.B. Lloyd (L.); 3 A.C. Thomas (T.). Time 31.8 secs.

Long jump (Forms 1): 1 J Maclean (D.); 2 C. Vater (T.); 3 P. Heneberry D.). Distance 12ft 1 sec.

440 yards (mid-school): 1 T.J. Jones (L.); 2 W. Llewellyn (T.); 3 I. Williams (D.).

440 yards (senior): I.G. Thomas (P.); 2 R. Morris (P.); 3 A. Thomas (L.). Time 62 secs.

75 yards hurdles (junior): 1 M. B. Lloyd (L.); 2 A. Davies (T.); 3 R. Jones (L.). Time 14 secs.

880 yards (open) handicap: 1 B. Hoggins (P.); 2 Morris (P.); 3 I. Williams (D.). Time 2 mins 27.8 secs.


Mid-School: 1 Tudor; 2 Dewi; 3 Llewellyn. Time 56 secs.

Forms 1: 1 Tudor; 2 Dewi; 3 Penri.

Junior: 1 Tudor; 2 Dewi; 3 Penri. Time 42.8 secs.

Senior: 1 Penri; 2 Llewellyn; 3 Tudor. Time 50 secs.

The organiser was Mr. E.J. Excell, sports master, with members of the staff acting as judges, stewards, and recorders. President was the headmaster, Mr. G.P. Ambrose, M.A., B.Litt.

Notes on some of the competitors. You will also find some of these boys in the Former Pupils section, or
in the photographs of team sports such as those of the rugby teams.

M.B. Lloyd was Malcolm Lloyd well known for his hurdling skills, he also played cricket and rugby.

B. Hoggins was Bryan Hoggins son of R.V. Hoggins the teacher of Commercial Subjects. Bryan can also be seen in some rugby teams photographs.

W.B. Llewellyn was William Burgess Llewellyn who was also an accomplished rugby player.

A.J. Excell was Alan James Excell the son of the sports master.

V. Chidgey was Vincent Chidgey of Cwmaman. After school he attended U.C. Cardiff.

I.G. Thomas was Ifor Gwyn Thomas of Cardiff Street. After school he went to Caerleon Training College.

G. Beynon was Gwynfryn Beynon of Cwmdare. He went into H.M. Forces after leaving school.

P. Henneberry was Patrick Christopher Heneberry of Broniestyn Terrace. His father was a Food Officer in the town.

Langley was David Raymond Langley of Gadlys Road. He left for U.C. Cardiff in 1950. He became a Consultant Anaesthetist.

J. Maclean was Jeffrey Graeme Maclean. He joined the RAF after leaving school.

B. John & I.B. John are probably the same person, Ivor Bowen John of Trecynon.

R. Reynolds is probably Richard Reynolds, son of teacher and future headmaster T. Brinley Reynolds.

G. Angell was Gwyn Angell, he too went off to U.C. Cardiff on leaving school.

B.F. Roberts was Brinley Francis Roberts who was later to become Head of The National Library of Wales.

B. Berry was Brian Lendon Berry, one of the three Berry brothers who attended the school in the 1940s.

R. Bassett was Ronald G. Bassett of Abernant. He went into the RAF after leaving school.

P. Acherman may be Ronald Ackerman.

A.C. Thomas is probably Arthur Colin Thomas.

T.J. Jones is probably Thomas John Jones of Rhigos.

Click here for image of original newspaper cutting from The Aberdare Leader .

Document image reproduced with permission of Rhondda Cynon Tâf Library Service

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