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Newspaper Report of 1941 Sports Day

Of particular note in this set of athletics results is the appearance of Ilford County High School for Boys in the inter-school relay result. This school and its masters were evacuated to Aberdare and spent the academic year 1940-41 sharing the school premises at Trecynon. Similarly the Ilford County High School for Girls were at the Girls County School in Plasdraw.

The only woman mentioned in the article is Miss Dilys Quick¹ who was brought up in Cwmaman. She was temporarily on the staff of the School from 1940-42, deputising for Mr D.T.H. Price who was on War Service with H.M. Forces, 1940-46. Miss Quick taught geography and geology. After leaving her post at Aberdare she went to Gowerton Secondary School. On his return from the Forces, Mr Price stayed for a further two years at the School, then in 1948 he left to take up the headship at Aman Secondary School.

Aberdare Boys’ County School.


The annual athletic sports of Aberdare Boys’ County School were held on Thursday at the School Field, Robertstown. The weather was gloriously fine and the attendance was very good. The officers were: President: Mr.G.P.Ambrose, headmaster; judges, Messrs. L.M.Thomas, G.Ff.Williams (High Constable), Trevor Jenkins, Alan Clarke, E.Stonelake, J.P., G.S.Bird and J.T.Bowen.

Starters, Messrs. Aubrey Roberts and E.J.Excell (sports master). Recorders, Messrs. E.C.Jones and T.R.James and Miss D.E.Quick. Stewards, Messrs. W.D.Towler, H.I.James, R.V.Hoggins, A.L.Trott, P.E.Phillips, D.A.Lewis, S.Evans, W.E.Roberts and G.Williams. Hon. Secretaries, Messrs R.Mills and O.T.Thomas and hon. treasurer, I.Peters.


80 yards, 1. D.G. Bassett, 2. I. Hughes and L. Reynolds (tie)

Putting the shot, 1. G. Bird 2. D. Silvanus, 3. Banyard².

Hurling the discus, 1. J.L. Jenkins, 2. Chisholm³, 3. I.W. Davies.

110 yds. hurdles, W.T. Phillips, 2. Twissell4, 3. C. Jones.

220 yds, 1. R.G. Bassett, 2. T.J. Jones, 3. D.N. Reynolds.

100 yds hurdles (middle), 1. E. Price, 2. P. Roderick, 3. I.W. Davies.

Discuss junior, 1. D. Morgan, 2. I.G. Thomas, 3. A. Excell.

Inter-School Relay, 1. Aberdare, 2. Mountain Ash, 3. Ilford, 4. Porth.

High Jump middle, 1. J.L. Jenkins, 2. N. Jenkins, 3. J.B. Lewis and Chisholm (tie)

Long Jump, senior, 1. E.J. Hughes, 2. C. Jones, 3. D.L. Edwards.

Javelin junior, 1. D.R. Davies, 2. I.G. Thomas, 3. I. John.

220 yds senior, 1. W.T. Phillips, 2. C. Rees, 3. C. Jones.

220 yds middle, 1. W.B. Evans, 2. H. Rees, 3. B. Hoggins.

220 yds junior, 1. J. Owen, 2. G. Reynolds, 3. H. Bowen.

Long Hump, 1. D.R. Davies, 2. J.D. Evans, 3. J.E. Pearce.

880 yds, 1. H.E. Jonse [sic], 2. J.E. Griffiths, 3. Twissel.

440 yds middle, 1. W.B. Evans, 2. P. Roderick, 3. J.L. Jenkins.

440 yds senior, 1. W.T. Phillips, 2. G. Rees, 3. A Thomas.

House Relay middle, 1. Tudur, 2. Llewelyn, 3. Dewi, 4. Penri.

75 yds hurdles 1. R. Morris, 2. T.J. Jones, 3. E.C. Bassett.

75 yards hurdles junior, 1. G. Reynolds, 2. I.G. Thomas, 3. H. Bowen.

House Relay, 1. Llewelyn, 2. Tudur, 3. Dewi, 4. Penri.

880 yds open, 1. W.T. Phillips, 2. G. Rees.

House Relay junior, 1. Tudur, 2. Penri, 3. Dewi, 4. Llewelyn.

House Relay senior, 1. Dewi, 2. Penri, 3. Tudur, 4. Llewelyn.

House Championship (Athletics) 1941

Total points gained before Sports Day, Dewi 98?, Tudur 75, Penri 72, Llewelyn 54.

1  Dilys Quick was the sister of the Rev Griffith Quick who was a pupil of the school 1913-1917, and who taught at the school during the autumn term of 1948. He spent most of his career, 1926-41, in Africa as a missionary and Principal of Mbereshi Training School, Northern Rhodesia, before entering H.M. Forces (East Africa Command) as a chaplain (1941-47). After leaving the Aberdare post in 1948 he took up the Pastorate of Penbryn English Congregational Church in Wrexham.

Boys without initials:
2  Banyard was David Ronald Banyard
3  Chisholm was Graham Chisholm
4  Twissell was Frederick John Twissell

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Document image reproduced with permission of Rhondda Cynon Tâf Library Service

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