Report of the 1940 Sports Day from the Aberdare Leader 8th June 1940

The references to Ilford County High School result from the arrival in 1940 of the boys and staff of that school as evacuees from London to share the Aberdare school premises in Trecynon. Ilford County High School for Girls also came to Aberdare, and shared the premises at the girls’ school in Plasdraw.

Aberdare Boys County School

Ilford High School in Relay Race

Despite war conditions and the counter attraction of the Eisteddfod Proclamation Ceremony at Mountain Ash, the Aberdare Boys’ County School’s annual athletics sports held last Thursday, proved to be a huge success.

There was a large and enthusiastic crowd at the School Field at Robertstown, and by the bursts of applause that marked all the events, everyone seemed to be enjoying the afternoon’s competitions held in pleasant conditions.

Although there were no prizes given to the winners, there was an incentive which made the sports a keenly competitive event.

The first, second and third boys in each competition were given 3, 2 and 1 points respectively for his house, and the house to gain the largest number of points at the end of the sports was to be presented with the W.M. Llewellyn Cup, to be held for the year.

This system provided plenty of excitement, there being a hard-fought duel between Penri and Dewi for the Cup.  Dewi managed to gain the highest number of points—137; Penri being second with 130, Tudur 3rd with 89, Llewellyn 4th with 72½.

The inter-school relay race was by far the most looked forward to event.  There were five teams competing: Porth County School, Dynevor Secondary School, Mountain Ash County School, Ilford High School, and Aberdare County School.  Lewis School, Pengam, failed to appear.

Aberdare were represented by D. Barling, running the 220; M.T. Williams, 100; J. Stephenson, 220, and W.T. Phillips, 440 yds.

All teams got off to a good start, Aberdare taking second place to Porth.  On the second lap, Aberdare lost ground, but Julien Stephenson, on the third lap, gradually moved from third place to first, and a terrific sprint gained a good lead for W.T. Phillips on the 440 lap.


Philips, however, lost some ground to Dynevor, Porth coming to second place. He made a vain attempt to pass both men, but lacked a final sprint which might have made the result different. He should be complemented, however, on his very plucky attempt to gain the lead.

The results were: 1, Dynevor Secondary School; 2 Porth County School; 3, Aberdare County School; 4, Ilford County High School; 5, Mountain Ash County School.

The Aberdare team were not the only team to have support, as this year there were a large number of red caps and blazers, mingled with the black and amber of Aberdare. The Ilford boys gave their team plenty of encouragement. Their team deserved all the support they had in putting up the fine show they did.

Another outstanding feature of the sports was the 880 yds walk. There were about six competitors, who got off to a good start. John Goodwin, who won the event last year, took the lead from the commencement, and left the rest well behind on the second lap, finishing about 15 yards in front of the second man. His time was 4 mins 2 4/5 sec.


The presentation of the Inter School Relay Race Cup, to be held for one year by the winning team, was made to the captain of the Dynevor Secondary School by Mrs. A.N. Jenkins, O.B.E., who said it gave her great pleasure to present them with the trophy, much as she would have liked to retain it for Aberdare. (Applause.)

She then presented the W.M. Llewellyn Cup to the captain of the winning house, Dewi—Gwilym Rees, and hoped that his house would retain it for many years. (Applause.)

The points for the Inter House Relays were: 1, Eight points; 2, six points; 3, four points; 4, two points.

The letter in brackets after the winners indicates his House, i.e., (D) Dewi, (P) Penri, (T) Tudur, (L) Llewellyn.


Putting the Shot (Junior): 1, M.C. Morgan (D.); 2, N.P. Evans (T.); 3, K.R. Jones (P.).

100 Yards (Middle School): 1, D. Tennant (D.); 2, W.B. Evans (D.); 3, O.L. Thomas (P.).

High Jump (Forms 1): D.K. Ray (P.); 2, D. Edwards (T.); 3, A. Excell (P.). Height, 4ft.

100 Yards (Senior): 1, J. Stephenson (L.); 2, D.M. Barling (D.); 3, M.T. Williams (P.). Time, 11 secs.

Throwing the javelin (Middle School): 1, R.M. Jones (T.); 2, D. Banyard (L.); 3, R. Davies (L.). Distance 92ft. 4ins.

High Jump (Senior): 1, D.M. Barling (D.); 2, E.J. Hughes (L.); 3, W.T. Phillips (P.). Height, 4ft. 9ins.

Long Jump (Junior): 1, M.C. Morgan (D.); 2, B. Hoggins (P.); 3, L.P. Williams (L.). Distance 13ft. 7ins.

Putting the Shot (Middle School): 1, J.L. Jenkins (T.); 2, D. Banyard (L.); 3, J. Watkins (P.). Distance, 33ft. 11ins.

Hurling the Discus (Senior): 1, A. Williams (T.); 2, M.T. Williams (P.); 3, E.J. Hughes (L.). Distance, 102ft. 10¾ins.

High Jump (Junior): 1, M.C. Morgan (D.); 2, R. James (D.); L. Whitmarsh (D.). Height, 4ft. 1in.

Long Jump (Middle School): 1, D. Tennant (D.); 2, R.M. Jones (T.); 3, M. Evans (T.). Distance, 15ft. 2ins.

Throwing the Javelin (Senior): 1, E.J. Hughes (L.); 2, J. Dismore (T.); 3, J.E. Phillips (D.). Distance, 113ft.

100 Yards (Junior): 1, B. Hoggins (P.); 2, D.W. Davies (P.); 3, H. Rees (L.). Time, 12 4-5ths sec.

80 Yards (Form 1): 1, J. Owen (T.); 2, D. Edwards (T.); 3, I. Evans (P.). Time 12 4-5ths secs.

Putting the Shot (Senior): 1, G. Bird (P.); 2, M.T. Williams (P.); 3, K. Fowler (P.). Distance, 30ft.

Hurling Discus (Middle School): 1, J.L. Jenkins (T.); 2, R. Davies (L.); 3, E. Price (L.). Distance, 66ft. 4ins.

110 Yards Hurdles (Senior): 1, W.T. Phillips (P.); 2, R. Arthur (P.); 3, K. Fowler (P.). Time 18 2-5th secs.

220 Yards (Forms 1): 1, D. Edwards (T.); 2, J. Owen (T.); 3, H. Phillips (D.). Time, 31 3-5th secs.

100 Yards Hurdles (Middle School): 1, D. Tennant (D.); 2, B. Price (L.); 3, W.B. Evans (D.). Time, 15secs.

Hurling the Discus (Junior): 1, M.C. Morgan (D.); 2, N.P. Evans (T.); 3, S. Vining (L.). Distance, 56ft. 2ins.

High Jump (Middle School): 1, G. Horton (D.); 2, J.L. Jenkins (T.); 3, J.B. Lewis (P.). Height, 4ft. 9ins.

Long Jump (Senior): 1, E.J. Hughes (L.); 2, tie between R. Arthur (P.) and T.J. Edwards (L). Distance, 17ft. 5ins.

Throwing the Javelin (Junior): 1, V. Chidgey (T.); 2, H. Rees (L.); 3, K. Jones (T.). Distance, 82ft.

220 Yards (Senior): 1, J. Stephenson (L.); 2, D.M. Barling (D.); 3, G. Rees (D.). Time, 25 4-5ths secs.

220 Yards (Middle School): 1, D. Tennant (D.); 2, P.P. Roderick (D.); 3, O.L. Thomas (P.). Time, 26 2-5ths secs.

220 Yards (Junior): 1, H. Rees (L.); 2, B. Hoggins (P.); 3, L. Whitmarsh (D.). Time, 30 secs.

Long Jump (Forms 1): 1, H. Phillips (D.); 2, D. Edwards (T.); 3, J. Owen (T.). Distance, 11ft. 10ins.

880 Yards Walk (Senior and Middle School): 1, J. Goodwin (P.); 2, dead heat, R. Thomas (T.) and K. Fowler (P.). Time 4 mins. 2 4/5th secs.

440 Yards (Middle School): 1, J.L. Jenkins (T.); 2, P.P. Roderick (D.); 3, R. Manser (D.) and A. Thomas (D.), dead heat. Time 63 4-5ths secs.

440 Yards (Senior): 1, J. Stephenson (L.); 2, M.T. Williams (P.); 3, W.T. Phillips (P.). Time, 59 2-5ths secs.

“House” Relay Race (Middle School): 1, Dewi; 2, Tudur; 3, Llewellyn; 4, Penri. Time, 55 secs.

75 Yards Hurdles (Junior): 1, H. Phillips (D.); 2, R. James (D.); 3, B. Hoggins (P.). Time 13 4-5ths secs.

“House Relay (Form 1): 1, Tudur; 2, Dewi; 3, Penri; 4, Llewellyn. Time, 44 2-5ths secs.

880 Yards (Open) Handicap: 1, W.T. Phillips (P.); 2, R. Morgan (T.); 3, G. Rees (D.). Time, 2 min. 24 2-5ths secs.

“House” Relay (Junior): 1, Tudur; 2, Penri; 3, Dewi; 4, Llewellyn. Time, 42 2-5ths secs.

“House” Relay (Senior): 1, Penri; 2, Dewi; 3, Tudur; 4, Llewellyn. Time, 52 4-5ths secs.


The officials were:—

President, Mr. G. Ambrose, M.A. (headmaster).

Judges: Mr. L.M. Thomas (chief judge), Mr. A. John, C.C., Mr. Chas. Jones, Mr. Alan Clarke, Supt. E. Jones, Mr. E. Stonelake, J.P., Mr. W.J. Edwards, C.C., Mr. B.J. Brace, Mr. G.S. Bird, Supt. T. Davies, Mr. J.T. Bowen, Mr. T. Phillips, C.C.

Recorders: Messrs. Ceredig Jones & T.R. James.

Stewards: Messrs. W.D. Towler, R.V. Hoggins, P.E. Phillips, S. Evans, W.E. Roberts, H.I. James, A.L. Trott, D.A. Lewis, D.H. Price, G. Williams.

Starters: Messrs. A. Roberts and E.J. Excell (sports master).

Timekeeper: Mr. T.B. Reynolds.

Hon. Treasurer: J.H. Williams (Form VI)

Hon. Secretaries: T. Owen (Form VI) and R. Mills (Form VI).

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