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Newspaper Report of 1937 Sports Day

from Elfed Davies

The athletics Sports Day in 1937 was the first presided over by the new headmaster William Rees Williams. The text below is a transcript of the report on the Sports Day from The Aberdare Leader. An image of the original article can be seen using the link at the bottom of this page.

Aberdare County School


The Aberdare Boys’ County School Annual Athletic Sports was held at the School Field, Robertstown, on Thursday in glorious weather, the event being voted the best of recent years.

There was a record attendance, and the pretty dresses of the members of the fair sex, who formed a large proportion of the crowd, made the scene a colourful one, a real “garden party” atmosphere prevailing. It was also gratifying to see such a large number of past students present, many old acquaintances being renewed.

The president this year was Mr. W.R. Williams, B.Sc. (headmaster), who was present at the sports day for the first time in that capacity.

The W.M. Llewellyn Cup, which is presented to the Victor Ludorum each year, was won by T.L. Moore, with 14 points. The runner-up was A. Humphries with 9 points.

The inter-school relay race cup was won by Barry County School, who covered the distance in one minute, 59 4-5 seconds. Aberdare and Dynevor (Swansea) were the runners-up, Aberdare’s representatives being D.G. Ellis (last year’s Victor Ludorum), T.L. Moore, M. Pearce, and A. Humphries.

The teams, who took part in addition to those already mentioned, were Porth County School (winners, 1936), Mountain Ash, and Lewis School, Pengam

The results were as follows:—

100 Yards Scratch (Senior): 1 T.L. Moore; 2 R. Price; 3 T.S. Rees; time, 10 2-5th seconds.

High Jump (Middle School): 1 D Hoggins; 2 D. Silvanus; K. Johns; height, 4ft. 4ins.

Long Jump (Junior): 1 R. Thomas; 2 R. Mills; 3 J.E. Phillips; distance, 13ft. 2ins.

High Jump (Junior): 1 R. Thomas; 2 R. Mills; 3 J.E. Phillips.

Long Jump (Senior): 1 T.L. Moore; 2 T.S. Rees; 3 A. Humphreys and A.H. Lewis; distance, 18ft. 11ins.

220 Yards Handicap (Forms 1a and 1b): 1 D.L. Edwards; 2 D.M. Barling; 3 J. Stephenson; time, 30 secs.

High Jump (Senior): 1 T.L. Moore; 2 H. Evans; 3 T.S. Rees and A. Humphreys; height, 4ft. 7ins.

Long Jump (Middle School): 1 D. Hoggins; 2 A. Williams and T.J. Davies; distance, 17ft.

100 Yards Hurdles (Middle School), Scratch: 1 T. Taylor; 2 R.J. Jones; 3 K. Johns.

100 Yards Handicap (Forms 1a and 1b): 1 L. Payne; 2 D.M. Barling; 3 D.L. Edwards.

220 Yards Handicap (Middle School): 1 C. Clarke; 2 D. Hoggins; 3 D. Silvanus; time, 27 secs.

100 Yards Handicap (Junior): 1 W.E. James; 2 R. Thomas; 3 D.M. Barling.

100 Yards Handicap (Middle School): 1 T. Taylor; 2 D. Hoggins; 3 C. Clarke.

Inter-School Relay Race: 1 Barry; 2 Aberdare and Dynevor; time, 1 min. 59 1-5th secs.

220 Yards Handicap (Junior): 1 W.E. James; 2 D.M. Barling; 3 J. Stephenson.

440 Yards Handicap (Middle School): 1 D. Hoggins; 2 R. Morgan; 3 G.G. Evans.

220 Yards Handicap (Senior): 1 T.L. Moore; 2 A. Humphreys; 3 D.R. Jefferies; time, 26 1-5th secs.

100 Yards Hurdles (Junior) Scratch: 1 J.E. Phillips; 2 W.A.L. Evans; 3 R. Thomas.

100 Yards Hurdles (Senior) Scratch: 1 A. Humphreys; 2 R. Price; 3 G. Davies.

50 Yards Sack Race (Junior): 1 C. Howells; 2 J.E. Phillips; 3 H.T. Sage.

Inter-House Relay Race (Senior): 1 Llewelyn; 2 Tudur; 3 Dewi.

Throwing the Cricket Ball (Open): 1 R.A. Nicholas; 2 H. Jones; 3 R. Eynon; distance, 84 yards.

Inter-House Relay Race (Junior): 1 Tudur; 2 Dewi; 3 Llewelyn.

440 Yards Handicap (Senior): 1 M. Pearce; 2 D.R. Jefferies; 3 G.C. Watkins; time 57 secs.

Consolation Race, 160 Yards Handicap (for boys under 14 years who were successful in heats, but not in finals): 1 E.V.G. Evans; 2 E. Price; time 19 1-5th secs.

880 Yards Handicap (Open): 1 M. Pearce; 2 D. Hoggins; 3 K. Ball.

“House” Tug of War; Dewi.

The Past Students’ Race (100 yards handicap) was won by Glynne Jones, Llwydcoed, who is now physical training instructor to the well-known Bolton Wanderers (Division 1) English League Association Football Club.

The prizes, house medals, etc., were presented to the pupils by Mr. George Jenkins (chairman of the School Governors) who complimented the boys on their efficiency.

D.G. Ellis, last year’s Victor Ludorum, was unable to compete this year owing to a strain sustained a few nights before the event.


School Rugby Football Colours for the season 1936-37 were awarded to T.B. Lewis (captain), T.L. Moore (vice-captain), T.S. Rees, W.A. Williams, D.S. John, A. Humphreys, A.H. Lewis, H. Edwards, T. Thomas, E. Griffiths, T.B. John, Howard Parr, Merlin Pearce, G.P. Walters, and W.E. John.

D.N.T. John, captain of the winning House, Tudur, was presented with the House Cup and medals amid the cheers of the House members.

The sports officials were:—

Judges: Mr. B. Brace, J.P., Mr. E. Stonelake, J.P., Mr. T. Phillips, C.C., Mr. A. John, C.C., Mr. W.J. Edwards, C.C., ex-Supt. E. Rees, ex-Supt. E. Jones, Mr. J.T. Bowen, Mr. G. Jenkins, Supt. T. Davies, Mr. Alan Clarke, Mr. Charles Jones, Mr. G.S. Bird, Mr. L.M. Thomas (chief judge), Mr. D.T. Davies; recorders, Mr. Ceredig Jones and Mr. T.R. James; stewards, Mr. W.D. Towler, Mr. R.V. Hoggins, Mr. P.E. Phillips, Mr. S. Evans, Mr. W.E. Roberts, Mr. H.I. James, Mr. D. Williams, Mr. A.L. Trott, Mr. D.A. Lewis; starters and handicappers, Mr. Aubrey Roberts and Mr. E.J. Excell (sports master); timekeeper, Mr T.B. Reynolds; hon. treasurer, D.J. Lewis (Form VIa); hon. secretaries, R.D. James (Form VIa) and J.S. Boobyer (Form VIb).

Document image reproduced with permission of Rhondda Cynon Tâf Library Service