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The 1910 Sports Day Results

from The Merthyr Express, 28 May 1910



The annual sports in connection with the Aberdare County School were held at the Athletic grounds, on Thursday afternoon. Ideal weather prevailed, but the attendance was not as large as usual. Messrs. J. D. Hughes, F. D. E. George, G Humphries, and the school staff acted as judges. Appended are the results;—

100 Yards Boys’ Race, open.—Heat 1, 1, J. Davies. 2, Nicholas. Heat 2—1, E. J. Hughes; 2, T. Watkins. Heat 3—1, T. Stubbins; 2, F. Notton. Heat 4—1, W. R. Davies; 2, W. J. Jones. Heat 6—T. Roderick; 2, Burgess. Heat 7—1, B. Reynolds; 2, D. John. Heat 8—2, H. Allen. Heat 9—1, W Morris. Final—1, W Morris; 2, B. Reynolds; 3, T. Roderick.

100 Yards Girls’ Race, open.—Heat 1—1, D. Mathias; 2, Agnes Macgillivray; Heat 2—1, Ena Morris; 2, Vera Tay. Heat 3—1, Minnie Tay; 2, Gwen F. Rees. Heat 4—1, Harriet Martin; 2, R. Ellen Jones. Final—1, M. Tay, 2, Ena Morris.

Long Jump, open.—1, T. Roderick (16 ft. 5 inches); 2, W. R. Davies.

100 Yards Race, Boys under 15—Heat 1—1, Silverman. Heat 2—1, Luke. Heat 3—1, H. J. Morris. Heat 4—1, D. J. Morris. Heat 5—1, Nicholas; 2, V. Morgan. Final—1, D. Luke; 2, H. J Morgan.

Skipping Race, Girls.—Heat 1—1, May Roderick; 2, Ray Evans. Heat 2—1, Beatrice Francis; 2, Lilian Phillips. Final—1, Mary Roderick.

220 Yards Race for Boys under 15.—Heat 1—1, H. Oxenham; 2, C. Evans; 3, E. J. Hughes. Heat 2—1, Silverman; 2, J. A. Griffiths; 3, T. George. Heat 3—1, D. J. Morris; 2, Hopkins Morgan; 3, Glyn Thomas. Final—1, H. Oxenham; 2, Hopkins Morgan.

High Jump, open.—1, T. Roderick; 2, L. M. Webb.

220 Yards Race for Boys, open.—Heat 1—1, D. John; 2, W J. Allen. Heat 2—1, B. Reynolds; 2, T. Stubbins. Heat 3—1, F. Notton; 2, L. M. Webb. Heat 4—1, W. H. Jones; 2, W. C. Oxenham. Heat 5—1, Tom Roderick; 2, Nicholas. Final—1, B. Reynolds; 2, W. J. Morris.

Egg and Spoon Race.—Heat 1—1, F. Walters. Heat 2—1, H. Davies. Heat 3—1, A. Woodford. Heat 4—1, D. Mathias. Heat 5—1, Doris Jones; 2, Kitty Lloyd. Final—1, Dorothy Mathias; 2, H. Davies.

Long Jump for Boys under 15.—1, H. Oxenham; 2, D. Luke.

Potato Race for Girls.—Heat 1—1, Ena Morris; 2, Vera Tay. Heat 2—1, Minnie Tay; 2, G. Eynon. Final—1, M. Tay; 2, V. Tay; 3, R Morris.

Three-legged Race.—1, Hilda Davies; 2, D. Mathias.

Relay Race.—1, Hilda Davies, D. Mathias and M. Tay; 2, K. Notton, V. Tay, and A MacGillivary.

440 Yards Race for Boys, open.—1, W. Morris; 2, Stubbins; 3, F. Notton.

Potato Race.—1, M. Tay; 2, V. Tay; 3, E. Morris.

Half-mile Cycle Race for Boys, open.—1, W. J. Evans; 2, J. Evans.

Consolation Race for Girls.—1, A. McGilvery [sic]. For Boys. —1, D. J Morris.

Tug-of-War.—Mr. J. E. Smayden’s [sic*] team.

House Race.—Mr. Ogwen Williams’s House; runner, Stubbins.

Throwing Cricket Ball.—1, T. Roderick.

The cup presented by the Old Boys’ Association for competitors who scored the highest points was won by T. Roderick.

At the close of the sports the prizes were distributed by Ald. D. Hughes, chairman of the Governors.


* For Mr. J. E. Smayden read Mr. J. E. Sladen. James Evans Sladen taught Commercial Subjects at the School
until 1911 when he took up a new post as a lecturer at Portsmouth Municipal College. Some years later, in 1924,
he emigrated to Canada and settled in British Columbia. Born Salcombe, Devon in 1878; died Victoria, B.C., October 1946.

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