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Newspaper Report of 1905 Sports Day

Aberdare County School
Athletic Sports.

The annual County School Sports were held at the Ynys Field on Thursday last before a large gathering.  On this occasion the elements were favourable and everything pointed to a successful day’s sport.  Athletics, it is now generally admitted, have proved an important factor in a school’s success, and in this department the County School scholars have proved themselves during the past few years to be proficient.  The encouragement given by Mr W. Jenkyn Thomas and his staff is largely responsible for the zeal and enthusiasm displayed by the boy and girls.  The Aberdare Town Band, conducted by Mr J. Manley discoursed some pretty incidental music.  The judges were:—Messrs Isaac George, High Constable, F.J. Caldicott, Dd. Hughes, C.C., G.V. Jones, J.D. Hughes, D.P. Davies, J.P., L.N. Williams, P.T. Rhys, T.D. Jones, Dr Rhys and Councillor John Howell.  Starter, Mr F.D.E. George.  The prizes, which were valuable and serviceable, were given by several ladies and gentlemen from the town.  The awards were as follows :—

100 yards race for boys under 15.—1, V. Rosser; 2, Trevor Reynolds; 3, J. Williams.

100 yards skipping race for girls (open).—1, M. Nicholas; 2, A. Roderick.

One mile cycle race for boys (open). — 1, Edgar Thomas; 2, D.A. Davies.

220 yards inter-school race.— 1, J.W. John, Barry County School; 2, E. Jones, Newport.

220 yards race for boys under 15.— 1, V. Rosser; 2, Trevor Reynolds.

100 yards race for girls (open).—1, Mary Jones; 2, Bronwen Morris; 3, Alice Morton.

100 yards race for boys (open).—1, Elias Morgan; 2, Brin Price.

Half-mile cycle race for girls (open).—1, Ira Griffiths.

High jump for boys (open).—1, Gwilym A. Jones; 2, D. Roderick.

100 yards egg and spoon race for girls (open).—1, Letty Jones; 2, Sarah Jones.

Sack race for boys (open).—1, R.L. Davies; 2, V. Rosser.

120 yards hurdle race for boys (open).— 1, J.B. Jones.

100 yards threading the needle race for girls (open).—1, Alice Morton; 2, Bronwen Morris.

220 yards race for boys (open).—1, Elias Morgan; 2, Bryn Price.

Quarter mile race for old boys—Won by W. Heppel.

Quarter mile race for boys (open).— 1, Trevor M. Williams; 2, W.T. White.

100 yards three-legged race for girls (open).— 1, A. Morton and P. Payne; 2, A. Roderick and M. Halewood.

Boot race for girls (open).—1, A. Morton; 2, M. Hughes.

Half mile race for boys (open).— 1, Trevor M. Williams; 2, Ezer Griffiths.

Obstacle race for boys (open).—1, D.H. Hughes; 2, R.D. Hughes.

Long jump, boys (open).—1, Gwilym A. Jones; 2, B. Pugh.

Tug of war competition.—Prize won by Shadrach Lewis’s team.

Consolation race for boys.—Prize won by John David.

Consolation race for girls.—Prize won by Bessie Dix.

Gwilym Arthur Jones was the winner of the challenge cup presented by the Old Pupils’ Association to the boy securing the highest number of points, and of Mrs Jenkyn Thomas’ prize.  The sports were organised by a committee of whom Mr D.E. Price was sec.

At the close, Mr Isaac George, High Constable, spoke in eulogistic terms of the school, and congratulated the winners.  The prizes were then distributed by Mrs Jenkyn Thomas.

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