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Newspaper Report of the 1903 Sports Day

The athletics Sports Day in 1903 was the first one to be held.
There was of course, events for both boys and girls.

Aberdare County School
Athletic Sports.

The first annual school sports were held last Friday on the Ynys Athletic Grounds. The entries, though confined to the lower school, were numerous and each event was well contested. The following ladies and gentlemen officiated :—Judges, Messrs G. George and W. Jenkyn Thomas, Miss Gardener and Miss Griffith; stewards, Messrs Ogwen Williams, E. Williams, H. Cullimore, Miss White and Miss Rowland; timekeepers, Messrs J. W. Dodgson, W. C. Cox; starter, Mr Aubrey Roberts; secretary, Mr T. D. Jones.

The successful competitors in the several events were :—

Long jump, 1 T. Furlong, 2 F. John;

440 yards (boys), 1 T. Furlong, 2 W.M. Jones;

high jump, 1, Dewi Jones, 2 F. John;

100 yards race (boys), 1 T. Furlong, 2 W.M. Jones;

skipping race (girls), 1 Phœbe Payne, 2 Rosa Jones;

220 yards race (boys), 1 D. Rees, 2 W.T. White;

100 yards race (girls), 1 Bronwen Hughes, 2 Phœbe Payne;

sack race, 1 T.S. Lewis, 2 R.L. Davies;

half-mile race (boys), 1 David Rees, 2 Trevor Jones;

egg and spoon race, 1 Letty Jones, 2 M.M. Lewis;

three-legged race (girls), winning pair Phœbe Payne and Phœbe Charles;

1 mile bicycle race (boys), 1 Bertie Davies, 2 Dewi Jones;

consolation prize, D. T. Jones.

A gold medal subscribed by the past students of the Aberdare County School was awarded to T. Furlong as the best all-round athlete. At the conclusion of the sports Mrs W. J. Thomas kindly disbributed [sic] the prizes.

The spectators, including the governers [sic] of the school, parents and friends of the pupils, thoroughly enjoyed themselves, several of whom kindly offered to give prizes next year. The school is greatly indebted to the Aberdare Athletic Committee for having so readily lent their grounds.

Aberdare Leader, 25 July 1903

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