Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Official School Photos

old school

Commercial Class circa 1936

from Bob Jones

Class 3 Commercial

The Commercial courses offered by the school were Bookkeeping and Shorthand. A substantial number of boys followed these courses to School Certificate level. The subject was taught by R.V. Hoggins (not in this photograph) who produced excellent results for his classes. The intermediate schools were required to offer some subjects of a vocational nature, and Commerce was the area of work chosen at Aberdare Boys’. Initially schools such as ours were named Technical and Intermediate Schools, however as far as Technical subjects were concerned although the predominant local industry was Mining, it was not offered as a subject to the boys, but was available at the school in the programme of evening classes for adults. The Biology Lab & Room 10, at Trecynon, were originally constructed as the Mining Laboratory, opening in 1922. The conversion to a Biology Lab and classroom came in the late 1940s.