Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

Official School Photographs

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Form 3 Physics Class 1926

from John Samuel

Physics Class 1926

Past pupils of the Trecynon school will recognise the room as the Physics Lab. Apart from the chemical balances that are on view, it is just possible to make out near the door to the physics master’s room, a suspended pendulum, and some apparatus that might be that of
C.V. Boys to measure the Universal Gravitational Constant, G.

We cannot identify all the boys in this photograph, but sitting alone at the front of the group is the boy who became the local GP and councillor Dr Alistair Wilson. Seen next but one above him, with curly hair, is Mansel Davies, later professor at Aberystwyth. In the nearest row on the right, standing third from the right is David H. Samuel, who became Headmaster at Cwmdare Junior School from 1966; and fifth is Absie Williams.

Some of these boys also appear in the photograph taken in the Woodwork room that has many more of the pupils’ names included.
The lab tables seen here were still in use on the last day of the school’s existence in Trecynon in 1964,
although the benches had been replaced by chairs.

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