Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School Buildings

school building

The Old County School, circa 1899

from RCT Libraries

School c 1899

The clocktower had not been added when this photograph was taken, dating the image to the period from 1896 to 1901. There’s no Chemistry Lab either, this was added in 1906.

The Girls’ entrance was on the right, shown clearly here; there was a Boys’ entrance just out of site on the far left. Careful examination of the carved inscription on the frieze above the Main Hall windows shows it to read: "Aberdare Technical and Intermediate Schools". The school was never known by its full name, although Aberdare Intermediate School can be seen on school book stamps dating up to the Second World War period. The word ‘Intermediate’ also features above the main entrance of the Girls School (1913) in Plasdraw. This word was used because these schools together with about 100 others in Wales all resulted from the passing of the Welsh Intermediate Education Act in 1889; ‘Intermediate’ specifying education between elementary and higher, or university, education. For most of its existence, the school was known locally as ‘The County School’ - as was, from 1913, the tram, and later bus stop, situated where this photograph was taken.

The design of the building in this state is almost identical to that of the The County School for Girls in Bangor — both were designed by J.H. Phillips of Cardiff — although the school in College Road, Upper Bangor is constructed in Ruabon red brick.