Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School Buildings

old school

Hirwaun Road and The School

from Colin Rees

Main Picture

This photograph was used on a postcard that was in use in the first decade of the twentieth century. The absence of tramlines date the scene prior to 1913, and the presence of the chemistry laboratory signifies later than 1906.

The postcard from which this copy was made was posted in Aberdare on August 9, 1913 to Daniel Bowen by his younger brother John S. Bowen, aged 22, of 13 Holford Terrace, Cwmdare. The postcard was addressed to Daniel who was staying at 34 Greenfield Street, Aberystwyth. On the rear of the card is printed the name of the publisher T.E. Smith, Canon Street, Aberdare.

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Man with Wheelbarrow


Clock Tower

Milk Cart

Milk Cart

Gadlys Post Office

Gadlys Post Office