Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School Buildings

school building

Pencil Drawing of the Old Grammar School, circa 1996

Old School circa 1996

Cerys Morgan-Gumm, a local Llwydcoed artist, has kindly given permission for her drawing to be displayed on the website. If you are interested in other examples of Cerys's work, there is a gallery of her drawings of local buildings and scenery that you can see by clicking here.

These buildings were vacated by the school in 1978, and in 1996 when this drawing was made the building was being used as council offices. We noticed that by 1996, considerable changes had been made to the frontage; widow sashes had been changed so that most of the small window panes had gone, the chimney stacks removed, and the windows above the frieze bearing the school name, Aberdare Technical and Intermediate Schools, had completely disappeared. These alterations can be appreciated if the 1956 photograph is used for comparison; click here to see it.