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Renovations to Old School

In April 2007, a past student and regular visitor to this website emailed us to say that work had begun on a conversion of the only remaining part of the old school in Trecynon. Apparently, builders had started to convert the tower building as well as the immediately adjacent room into what is thought will be a house. Because we knew almost nothing about what was happening, we visited the site to view progress. The photographs below were taken in September and November 2007. Progress was initially slow last Spring, but developments are moving more quickly now. We remain hopeful that at least one part of the old school will survive. We understand that the clock is still in Llanelli.

from Park

This photograph was taken from just inside the park looking over the wall and down Hirwaun Road towards the clock tower. Hidden behind the tree on the right, but just visible, is the stone gable of the room next to the clock tower. (Sept. 2007)

Rear View

This photograph is taken from where the rear entry to the old school was situated. The tower and the existing gable on the front façade of the building can be seen together with the new blockwork. Inside the tower, we saw new first floor beams. (Sept. 2007)

Old Library

Compare this with the first photo, taken from a similar place within the Park. We see that the roofing is now on, and the building almost watertight. (Nov 2007)

Trad View

Boarding has been erected along the pavement in Hirwaun Road. (Nov 2007)

Lord Merthyr takes an interest in the building work. (Nov 2007)