Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School Buildings

old school

The School circa 1923

from Alan Abraham

Main Picture

This photograph is rather special in that it is was produced from an original 8 x 6-inch glass plate negative. It is one of a group of five plates in the possession of Alan Abraham (ABGS 1948-1955).

The other plates feature the following: the Girls’ School in Plasdraw; Victoria Square before the cenotaph was built; the Higher Standard School in the Gadlys, and the Lower Park Gates. No date has yet been assigned to the photos, but the wires in the scene above fixes the time between Oct. 9th, 1913 and April, 1935 when trams ran along Hirwaun Road. The absence of the cenotaph in Victoria Square dates that picture, and perhaps the others too, as before 1923. A fashion expert might be able to help using the close-up details which can be selected below.

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Mining Laboratory



Tram Wires

Tram Wires

Tram Wires

Additional detail from another picture
looking up Hirwaun Road