The Clock Tower Appeal

Jennie Williams, one of the organisers of the clock tower appeal fund, has told us that the appeal has been unsuccessful and that the fund has been dissolved. Her letter is copied below. It seems that we older boys weren't generous enough, or more likely weren't able to be generous enough. There probably aren't many of us left, and I doubt if there are many philanthropic millionaires in our number!

The local people in the Gadlys area proved to be very generous with their time and effort in various fund-raising activities and events. This cash contribution can't be returned to its original donors who are largely unknown so, in accordance with the regulations on charities in the UK, this cash will be donated to another local charity, the Trecynon Institute and Library. This was the first free library in the Aberdare area, established in Mill Street in 1902, and in their hey-day it was supported by the coal mining industry and the miners unions.

We extend our thanks to Jennie and the other people who were willing to undertake the attempt to save the clock tower. It will live on in our memories.

Letter Fund End