Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School

School Buildings

school building

The School on Cwmdare Road

from Clive Stanley-Williams (ABCS 1983 to 1990)

Aberdare BCS 2005

This photograph taken from Broncynon Terrace is dated 2006. The building with white cladding is the original, built in 1964 for the Boys’ Grammar School. Just behind and constructed from red brick is the ‘lower school’ which was built later, after the loss due to the fires at the original lower school building in Penywaun just after Christmas 1978 and again in the following year. In 2006, the institution was called Aberdare Boys Comprehensive School.

For those who attended at this time, a quick tour of the original building: Upper Floor, looking left to right: first three windows belong to the History Room, which at the time was the domain of the pipe-smoking-key-chain-swinging G A Jenkins "GAJ"; then it’s the stairwell windows; then the English Room (Ms Judith Griffiths); Accounts/Economics Room (the BMW-driving M T Davies); a TV/Video room, which later became a printer/photocopier room; and the final group of windows belonged to the General Science Lab (Malcolm Sims). The side-facing four windows were the Prep Rooms/Staff Room for the Chemistry Lab and General Science Lab. The white-clad building with the four groups of three windows was the gym.


AHS 2011

This picture, taken from the top of the Graig mountain in the summer of 2011, shows the most recent addition to the school. It is the Dare Valley Sports Hall which is on the left with the red brick end wall. It is used by the boys during school hours and by the community at other times. Playing fields are in the foreground. The name of the institution by 2011 had been changed to the Aberdare High School.

A quick tour of the lower school, on the right: Ground Floor, looking left to right: first four windows - Music Room (Mr Chris Sharpe, then Mr Conway Morgan); then the four double fire doors of the hall and canteen. Upper floor, looking left to right: first window stairs; Second, third and fourth Lower School Library.