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The Tennis Court on School House Lawn, Summer 1939

from School Records

School 1939

This photograph shows the elevation of the school building which faces towards the Gadlys and the town of Aberdare. The camera is situated on the lawn of School House, a large dwelling, not shown here, that had been used by the first two headmasters and their families for accommodation up until 1937. The third headmaster, W. Rees Williams, appointed 1937, chose to remain in his own house at the top of Broniestyn Terrace.
At the bottom left of this photograph a tennis net can be seen, and in the bottom right corner on the original larger photograph, it is possible to make out a high net placed in front of the paling fence to keep the tennis balls on the court.

Thirty years earlier this area had also been laid out as a croquet lawn for the female pupils. A new assembly and dining hall was built on School House lawn in 1960, but after further rebuilds Ty Ni now occupies the site, (2015).