ABCS Building, Cwmdare Road
Exterior Views

Photo Gallery

This set of photographs shows the exterior of the School on Cwmdare Road. The older building was first occupied in September 1964 by The Aberdare Boys’ County Grammar School until July 1978, and from September 1978 by the Aberdare Boys' Comprehensive Upper School. The more modern red-brick building, the Lower School, was first occupied in 1982, and replaced the lower school building in Rhydywaun that was destroyed by two separate fires in 1979.

The boys’ comprehensive school closed in July 1914, but the buildings were used temporarily for one more year by Years 10, 11 and 12 of The Aberdare Community School. The Upper School building was subsequently put up for auction.

The photographs were taken by Mr Terry Harding in May 2012 and by Clive Stanley-Williams in July 2013.
Many thanks to the Headmaster who gave permission for the archive photography project to be undertaken.